The Garlic Knot Pizza Calzone

Daily Drool #9: The Garlic Knot Pizza Calzone Combo

Most of you mere mortals probably thought you had it good enough in life with regular pizza, but that was before you saw today’s Daily Drool: the Garlic Knot Pizza Calzone.

This is pizza on steroids. Pizza so bold it shouldn’t even have been allowed on this planet. The baddest of the bad pizza. But in a good way. Like, the best way.

The single pie has more layers than movies such as the Matrix or Inception

  • A calzone pizza (stuffed doubled over)
  • A regular pepperoni pizza
  • Dough balls threaded through the middle
  • All brushed with garlic butter

Here’s the Garlic Knot Pizza Calzone coming out of the oven piping hot…

Just LOOK at all that cheesy, meaty dough. Delicious.

This sinfully good creation has a name, by the way. It’s called the ‘Pizzalone’ and it is served in Las Vegas by the Brooklyn Pizza Company.

The creation has been blowing up on social media and we just want to see local pizzerias around the world re-creating it.

You can see just how much garlic butter they smear over this incredible creation here at the end to finish it all off…

The guys at Unlokt went behind the scenes to see how it in action and it is a seriously impressive feat…

Here it is in all its glory… You could just imagine this arriving at your table or in a takeaway box. We think this could cure even the worst of Las Vegas hangovers in seconds. The absolute dream pizza.

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Big 7 Travel Team