The Glazed Caramel Apple

Daily Drool #8: Glazed Caramel Apple

There are times when you’re scrolling through Instagram and see something so breathtaking that you have to stop instantly and just stare at it. We’ve all been there.

This super shiny glazed caramel apple is one of those times. A dessert that is so utterly perfect you wonder if your eyes are maybe deceiving you. Well, they’re not – it’s real.

Even Snow White couldn’t resist this…

Rather than try to describe something so utterly perfect and so droolworthy with mere words, we reckon it’s best you just focus your eyes on the screen for two minutes.

Watch over this and over on in all its glory…

So, where can you get this glazed caramel apple?

Well, the bad news is you are going to have to either learn how to glaze one yourself, beg the pastry chef who does it so well or take one of his pastry classes where he shows you how.

The desserts are made by Balazs Enzsol, an international pastry chef originally from Hungary. He’s had a pretty busy career, becoming a pastry chef after stints working in economics and the military.

Enzsol now gives masterclasses around the world on how to make various luxury desserts, including the glazed caramel apple.

It also comes in a red version which sits on top of chocolate soil to balance it perfectly…

If anything, the silver pear version looks even better. A thing of pure beauty…

We don’t know about you guys but we’re not going to happy until we get to try one of these apples. C’mon Balazs Enzsol, feel free to send us one in the post.

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Big 7 Travel Team