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Good News Stories To Cheer You Up During This Pandemic

The Coronavirus has left the world feeling static, bleak and panicked. That’s why we want to share with you seven inspiring news stories that have taken place this year. It’s important in trying times like these that we try to look on the bright side and remember that there are glimmers of hope in the world. Here are seven good news stories to cheer you up.

Good News Stories To Cheer You Up During This Pandemic

1. 60,000 More Seeds In The Arctic Seed Vault

First up in good news – near the end of February, Norway’s Seed Vault in Svalbard stashed away an additional 60,00 seeds. In total, the seeds were sourced from 36 regions and include crops such as corn, wheat and rice. This also includes large varieties sent from the Cherokee Nation making it the first Native American addition to the vault.

good news stories

2. Hydrogen Fuel Can Now Be Produced 25 Times more Efficient

Scientists at the Tokyo University of Science, have created a method using rust and light to make hydrogen fuel more efficient, 25 times more efficient in fact. Many in the scientific community view hydrogen as the eco fuel of the future. Researchers in both Japan and Korea are actively working toward creating a system which would emit only water as a ‘waste.’

3. A Lung Was Removed, Cleaned And Returned To Cancer Patient

Doctors in Petah Tikva, Israel recently completed a medical miracle when they removed a lung from a patient before cleaning and returning it. The lung cancer patient in his 40’s was attached to a heart machine and used his remaining lung to breathe during the procedure. This ‘tumour cleansing’ will change the world of cancer and organ transplants for the world and is a serious step forward.

good news stories

4. Father Builds Custom Gaming Controller For Disabled Daughter

9-year-old Ava suffered from hereditary spastic paraplegia which severely affects her motor skills and speech. Her father, Rory Steel wanted her to continue her love of gaming with friends despite her disability. The solution? An epic custom controller made by him just for Ava.

good news stories
image: @jerseyITguy/twitter

5. Couple Travels To Mexico – But Not For Vacation

Jake and Marqui Balle of Clinton, Utah have been travelling to Mexico to buy insulin so that they can provide it at a reasonable cost to diabetics in the US. After their son, Reid was diagnosed with diabetes at just 18 months, it inspired them to help provide affordable insulin to those suffering. The insulin needed for Reid in the United States is around $110 per vile versus $13 per vile in Mexico.

On their last trip to Mexico, they purchased $620 worth of insulin to provide for diabetics in the US. That haul would have cost $4,000 stateside. The pair are truly medical superheroes.

good news stories
image: Eric Threlkeld/Facebook

6. Veterinarian Gives Free Medical Care To Pets Of The Homeless

Despite still paying off his own student loans, Dr Kwayne Stewart provides free care to the pets of homeless people in California. For nearly a decade, he has given his time, effort and medical expertise to the street pets on Cali with no plans of stopping anytime soon. His spare time is spent driving up and down the California coast to different homeless communities and offering care to pets.

He understands that these dogs and cats are not only in need of care, but are extremely important to their owners mental and emotional state. He is quoted as saying “Anyone has the power to help. You can volunteer at a rescue shelter. You can donate money or time. As that generosity spreads, it helps fuel the positive energy in the world.”

good news stories
image: Go Fund Me Heroes

7. Woman Adopts Four Biological Siblings

Bobbie Floyd of Pennsylvania has adopted not one, not two but four biological siblings with two more on the way. When her husband passed away in 2014, she was inspired to continue helping others. That is precisely what she has done by keeping this family together.

good news stories
image: Bobbie Floyd/Facebook
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