How to Travel on Your Own as a Woman

Travelling alone as a woman is incredibly liberating and exciting. It is transformative too. In fact, we think it is one of the best things you can do for yourself. However, if you are a little nervous and want a bit of reassurance, we’ve put together this guide full of helpful hints and tips so that you can safely learn how to travel on your own as a woman.

How to Travel on Your Own as a Woman

1. Choose your destination wisely

If it is your first time travelling alone and you want to dip your toe in the water, so to speak, pick a destination that has a reputation for being great for solo female travellers. It is also a good idea to pick a place where you speak the language, just till you build your confidence being on the road alone. Some of our favourite places include New Zealand, Scandinavia and Japan.

2. Arrive during daylight hours

Plan your first night well and time your arrival so it is still light out. It is safer to travel during the daytime than at night time. Also, by arriving nice and early at your destination, you have plenty of time to adjust your plans if need be. For example, if you arrive at your accommodation and it isn’t suitable for your needs, you have plenty of time to find somewhere new.

3. Pack light

Packing light is all about security and convenience. First, you will have to carry all your bags yourself, so pack the bare minimum to save a lot of hassle and backache. If your bags are small and light, you can, more often than not, keep them with you at all times. For example. big bulky bags and cases usually have to go in the hold on buses, but if they are small, you can keep them on your lap or in the overhead compartment. This way, your bags never leave your sight. You will also save money on baggage fees and be more nimble on your feet getting around crowded places like train stations.

4. Stay in hostels

If you are travelling alone but don’t want to be alone or feeling lonely, book a few nights in a hostel. Many hostels now offer private rooms, so you don’t necessarily have to share a room with strangers if you don’t want to. The atmosphere in hostels is usually social, making them the perfect place to meet people. You will most likely meet other women who are also travelling alone. Hostels are also great places to find out about local events, and they are great places to arrange group tours of popular attractions.

5. Don’t post your location

For safety, don’t overshare details about your trip or personal life. Don’t put the exact location of where you are on social media. Of course, you can share where you are, but don’t share specifics. So, don’t check in to a place whilst there; maybe do so once you have left. However, you can post something like, “I am in Bangkok! Who is around? Let’s meet up”.

how to travel on your own as a woman

6. Don’t tell people you are alone

Wear a wedding ring, even if you’re not married. It can be helpful to pretend that you’re attached, as this can quickly thwart unwanted advances. Also, telling people that you are waiting for your partner is a good idea if a suitor approaches you. But if you are talking to a stranger, do not advertise that you are travelling alone. Just pretend that you are there with someone.

how to travel on your own as a woman

7. Dress like the local women

Be observant and notice which parts of the body local women generally have covered and what dress style they opt for. For example, do they dress more casually or conservatively? Do most of them keep their legs and shoulders covered? Whatever you notice, try to replicate this with the way you dress.

how to travel on your own as a woman

Melanie May

Melanie is an intrepid solo traveller, endlessly curious about people, places and food. She is a fan of slow travel and loves exploring the world by mouth, discovering a culture through its food. Having backpacked her way around the world she turned her wanderlust into a career and is now a full-time travel writer.

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