Restaurants Are Implementing Social Distancing

7 Examples Of How Restaurants Are Implementing Social Distancing

The world as we know it is changing, and that is especially true when it comes to restaurants implementing social distancing. It’s a move that will have a profound impact, with many in the industry even warning of mass bankruptcies.

Although it is only early days in terms of lockdowns around the world, there are some examples of how venues are handling new regulations. From fast food joints to fine dining restaurants, there are lots of different approaches.

We wanted to share some examples from around the world to hopefully help inspire foodie entrepreneurs looking for safe workarounds…

Examples Of Restaurants Implementing Social Distancing

1. Tucker Silk Mill – Easton, Pennsylvania, USA

With diners banned from sitting in, many restaurants have turned to delivering food. This restaurant has a different angle though and has turned into a provisioning shop. With social distancing respected and less crowds than you would find large retailers, it is a haven for local foodies.

Tucker Silk Mill prides themselves on sourcing the very best food and baking delicious goodies. Filling up on fresh produce here is a great way to support a local business and their suppliers.

Restaurants Are Implementing Social Distancing

2. Fat Man’s Mill Café & Catering – Augusta, Georgia, USA

Fat Man’s Hospitality Group has opened all of its Georgia locations, telling Big 7 Travel about the extra safety measures they are taking. These include:

  • Mobile hand washing stations for guests
  • Plexiglass separation at POS
  • 6ft distancing of guests and tables (1 guests per 50 sq ft)
  • No parties larger than 6 guests
  • Masks and gloves
  • Proper staff training
  • Screening of staff
  • Extra staff member at each location to sanitize after customers touch surfaces
  • To-go boxes, single use condiments and cutlery kits

3. Starbucks – Hong Kong

Starbucks locations across Asia have reopened, although they are blocking off distances inbetween seats for dine-in service. Hand santiser is provided at every setting and there is a designated pick-up area.

Image: Joyce Lau News/Twitter
Image: Imruzan/Twitter

4. Penguin Eat Shabu – Bangkok, Thailand

This Bangkok restaurant chain has introduced unique plastic dividers into each of its locations. The screens act as separators for guests who wish to dine either alone or with a friend.

5. Mediamatic – Amsterdam

This Plant-based restaurant have introduced waterside dining, where guests dine in their own private greenhouse. They plan on serving a four-course menu with three dinner sittings throughout the evening. The greenhouses will launch end of May in line with a phased reopening in the Netherlands, and are already booked up until the end of June.

Social Distancing In Restaurants

6. Lonesome Dove – Austin, Texas

Texas restaurants reopened mid-week, and Lonesome Dove is just one of many in Austin that is implementing social distancing. It is open for walk-ins and reservations for dine-in, with takeout still available. Staff will wear masks and there is additional table space.

7. McDonalds – Global

A trial of a McDonalds franchise in Amsterdam shows what the future of the fast food chain could look like.  It involves placing orders with staff behind perplex glass and queuing on carefully-placed social distancing circles.

While it seems to take all the precautions needed, this is going to remove one of the key selling points of a McDonalds: speed. It probably doesn’t factor in one of their key customer groups however, which are children. Is it reasonable to expect a child to stay still on a marker in a queue? McDonalds does however give a good insight into how big chains are thinking about implementing social distancing.

Image: @beijingboyce/Twitter
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