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A World Without Crowds: Photos Show Empty Cities For Coronavirus Lockdown

With over 276,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and 11,400 deaths worldwide, cities across the globe are taking drastic measures to try slow the spread of the virus. Historic landmarks have been shut down, citizens are quarantined to their houses and borders are closed. The startling images of some of the biggest cities in the world in coronavirus lockdown show just how much the virus is affecting daily life.

From Los Angeles to London, the streets are empty as millions stay home…

Empty Cities in Coronavirus Lockdown

Rush hour in San Francisco is no longer an issue… The roads are empty

Driving over the iconic Bay Bridge is very different during the San Francisco lockdown:

Main streets in London and transport routes are quickly clearing out…

Los Angeles is eerily quiet as 4 million residents self isolate

The normally packed freeways that often grind to a halt are quickly emptying, as people grab last minute supplies.

Paris is under lockdown, with famous landmarks and once-busy roads now empty

These pictures show the closing down of Las Vegas…

Italy is badly hit: the entire country is completely devoid of all visitors

Bourbon Street in New Orleans is a shadow of its former self

Usually hectic Mumbai is now a city of empty streets and passenger-less trains

The coronavirus lockdown is affecting the entire world, as these photos of an empty bazaar in Iraq show

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