Photos: Planes Parked Around The World In Coronavirus Grounding

As travel bans, border shut downs and airport closures take full effect, airlines are cancelling routes. These photos show planes parked all over the world. Runways are now turning into parking lots…

The airline industry is in complete turmoil with most carriers completely shutting down flights, or working off extremely limited schedules. Both the major transfer hubs in the world and some of the world’s biggest airports are on near full lockdown.

Normally, a large portion of planes are in the air, but with so many aircrafts lying idle on the ground airlines are having to find creative ways to park them. This often involves spare runways and alternative airports.

These Remarkable Photos Show Planes Parked Around The World…

Europe is feeling the pain, with many of the short haul airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet suspending all services. The longer haul flights have also been restricted.

The planes are so tight beside each other that entire runways are now in use as parking lots until the skies open again. Nobody has any real idea just how long that will take.

France is especially suffering from the coronavirus; their national airline has had to park most of its fleet.

Things are not much better in on the other side of the Atlantic, where at least one-third of the American population is on lockdown…

Photo via Reddit user Lanesplit.

American airlines is one of of the worst hit US carriers, with its stock price crashing and mass cancelations. They’re suspending up to 90% of international routes.

As for the Middle East region? The United Arab Emirates have banned all flights. This is a major blow considering it is such a key transit hub. Emirates has grounded 100s of huge jets.

Just like so many things happening in the world at the moment, the sight of mass parked jets is an unusual and eerie one.

Hopefully, this is something that changes soon. We hope the world gets back to some sort of normality. Travel is something we can all only dream of right now.

The bailouts have already started for airlines to try and save jobs. We reckon that saving small businesses is just as important

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