The Best Popular Travel Colours

The Most Popular Travel Colours To Post On Your Instagram This Year

If you’re looking for a few extra likes on your Instagram posts, listen up. The most popular colours for travel snaps across social media have been revealed.

Carlsbad, a Californian seaside city, released its 2019 Colors of Travel Study. This study identifies “trending colours used in inspirational travel photos” and the colour psychology behind it.

The study analysed 75 influencers with an Instagram following of 50,000 or greater and their most engaged Instagram images to identify this year’s trending colours. Think of your favourite influencer… What sort of photos do they post? Chances are you’ll spot these colours…

The top travel colours are dusky pinks and seaside blues…

PANTONE 16-1522 Rose Dawn

A dusted pink hue…

Rose Dawn

PANTONE 15-4323 Ethereal Blue

A beautiful blue tone…

Ethereal Blue

PANTONE 19-4535 Ocean Depths

Deep teal reminiscent of the colour of the sea…

Ocean Depths

PANTONE 16-0948 Harvest Gold

A warmly lit golden shade…

Travel colours

So basically, if you want your Instagram photos to absolutely soar, you need to be thinking about the colour of your photo as much as the photo itself.

If you want to go the extra mile to see these exact colours for the ‘gram, you can do so in the city of Carlsbad.

Visit Carlsbad has created a unique itinerary that brings you to places where you can get snapping these pretty colours. You’ll visit Carlsbad’s sandy beaches and ocean views, its colourful attractions, lush floral fields, and its creative culinary and wellness experiences

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