The Future of theRestaurant Industry in 2020

As the restaurant industry struggles with the fallout from Covid-19, this detailed report provides current operational guidance and insight into emerging hospitality trends for 2020-21.

About The Report

The restaurant industry has experienced many ups and downs throughout the years, but it’s never seen a global crisis quite like this. Restaurants are closing left, right and centre.

Forecasting a recovery timeline is difficult, but it’s important to understand what shape the industry will take when it does recover, and how to prepare.

We investigate the trends that are impacting the industry, both currently and in the future. This report analyses the current situation of the industry on a global scale, focusing on key markets of the US, UK, and Australia, with relevant examples from other regions.

Interviews with industry leaders provide essential advice on reopening plans, marketing strategies to connect with your customers and financial management. We also look at consumer data that reveals emerging trends across specific food preferences, delivery and different restaurant sectors.

Key lessons include: managing supply chain issues, social distancing guidelines, new business models such as ghost kitchens, and investing in digital.

Topics Covered


Expert advice for reopening: cashflow, staffing, food supply, social distancing, communications.

Increasing Sales

How to implement new revenue streams, increase customer loyalty & manage profit margins.


Emerging trends in industry as a whole, fine dining, franchises, independents & delivery.

Supply Chain

Global supply chain issues, impact on menus, dealing with vendors & consumer food trends.

Report Authors

niall harbison

Niall is an international entrepreneur who has worked within the tourism and hospitality industries for more than 20 years. He started his career in the kitchen, with a 10-year stint as a private yacht chef cooking for billionaires, including a position as Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen’s personal chef. Niall then moved into the digital media world to become a founder of several lifestyle publications.

sarah clayton-lea

Sarah is former Editor of Food&Wine Ireland, with extensive experience reporting on the hospitality industry and emerging trends in Europe, USA and Asia. Prior to her digital media career, Sarah worked in the hospitality industry in Dublin and New York, gaining first hand insights into the operational aspects of running a restaurant. She also assisted restaurants with their marketing and social media.


Siobhán McKenny

Siobhán has experience in financial analysis, market trend forecasts and economics. Prior to joining Big 7 Travel, Siobhán was an associate at a wealth management firm where she carried out financial reporting, and was instrumental in raising a number of notes and seed capital. She is the kind of person who actually enjoys mapping graphs in Excel.


Sample Contributors

Christopher Mark

Co-Founder & Culinary Director, Blacksheep Restaurants

Christopher is Co-Founder and Culinary Director of Blacksheep Restaurants, a celebrated Hong Kong-based hospitality group with innovative restaurants that range from Michelin star venues to American-style diners and Vietnamese street food spots. The group’s Covid-19 Playbook – a practical guide for restaurants reopening during the pandemic – has been an instrumental resource for businesses across the globe. Christopher also has culinary experience in Barbados, Shanghai, Sydney and Tokyo.



Akash Mirchandani

Vice President, Kitchen Fund

Akash Mirchandani is Vice President at Kitchen Fund, a venture capital firm in New York that invests in early-stage emerging restaurant concepts. He has extensive experience overseeing the company’s select portfolio of fast casual brands, which include Sweetgreen and Cava. Prior to Kitchen Fund, Akash was an investor at Blackstone’s Private Equity Group. He deepened his passion for the food industry through a stage working in the kitchen at Alinea, the three Michelin
star restaurant in Chicago.



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