Restaurants Are Reopening

7 Imaginative Ways Restaurants Are Reopening Right Now

As lockdowns are the world start to lift, restaurants are reopening their doors … Tentatively. There are a myriad of rules to follow and social distancing is paramount, but some venues are getting super creative.

Many venues are going to struggle to make money with new restrictions in place, but the road to recovery has to start somewhere. So, we wanted to show you seven examples of people doing it a little differently. Perhaps it might even provide a little inspiration for your own opening.

Creative Ways to Reopen Your Restaurant

1. A New York Diner Is Now Showing Drive In Movies

A well known diner in Queen’s, New York converted their parking lot into a drive in movie theatre. The best thing? They are donating all the proceeds to charity. Food was delivered to cars and it was a perfect social distancing success.

2. Paper Shield Eating

China’s largest on-demand delivery service Meituan Dianping, is offering paper shields with delivery. Not exactly very social but perfect, if you want a little “alone time when eating”.

Restaurants Are Reopening

3. “Keeping Social Distance Can Be Fun”

This cafe in Germany used pool noodle hats to enforce social distancing. It was able to get the message across in an engaging way as well as catching mass attention online and offline.

Restaurants Are Reopening

4. Mannequins At Empty Tables

The sight of empty tables in a restaurant will be one of the most disheartening sights. One New York restaurant however have the perfect solution. Mannequins. Yes, really. They are also sure to be a great talking point for the customers.

5. A Bakery Powered By Pulleys

One bakery in San Fransisco is keeping social distancing with an imaginative system using pulleys. You won’t have to miss out on that delicious bread as it gets lowered straight down into your hands.

6. Shower Curtains

The Twisted Citrus is a popular restaurant in America that have installed shower curtains between tables. It might just be the sort of measure that gives people confidence to sit in small groups. Restaurants are reopening and this may just be the new normal.

7. Blow Up Dolls

One restaurant in South Carolina also wanted their restaurant to feel busier than it was despite social distancing rules. Their original idea? Blow up dolls. They ordered 10 of them and dressed them up as customers including with wigs. What the dolls do when the restaurant is closed has yet to be determined…

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