Genius Guy Hack Ryanair Extra Luggage

Guy Shares Genius Hack To Beat Ryanair’s Luggage Charge

Ryanair extra luggage charges are just something that we’ve all had to put up with for years. In a quest for cheap flights, these baggage fees just keep coming back and kicking us in the face. Sure, people could pay more for premium tickets that include luggage but we just can’t resist the idea of a bargain.

In fairness, Ryanair don’t make it easy for customers with their constantly changing rules; one minute you can have two carry-on bags, the next it’s one and the next it’s none?! Wait. No. Actually, who knows.

It’s clear their aim is to move everyone towards priority seating – have the joy of picking your own seat for a nominal fee? No thanks. But now there’s a light in this luggage tunnel…

One man – the travel hero we never knew we needed – has had enough. Lee Cimino, from England, has gone to pretty extraordinary lengths to save money while flying. Lee came up with a hack that is the perfect way to get around the charges charges.

Ryanair Extra Luggage Charges Hack:

Take a bow Lee. We admire your creativity, lateral thinking and sheer brazenness in being able to beat the system…

While it seems to have worked this time, you can be pretty sure the top brass at Ryanair HQ will be wise to this little trick from now on.

Big 7 Travel Team