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Top 7 Hotels in San Jose

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Known for its booming tech industry, medditerrian climate and high cost of living.

At the lower end 3 star hotels average around $100 per night and at the higher end, you can find a 5 star hotel for just under $200 per night.

The coldest month is December with temperatures averaging at 10.6 °C (51 °F).

There is plenty to do at night in San Jose, from enjoying a number of attractions, strolling through the San Pedro Market to enjoying live music as one of their many venues.

San Jose is quite large, bigger than the neighbouring city of San Francisco, measuring 176.5 sq miles.

Downtown and San Ramon are the best places to stay for first time visitors.

he closest beach is Santa Cruz, if travelling by car it will take about 45 minutes.

The first thing that many people think of when they hear ‘San Jose’ is technology, mostly because of its proximity to San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

The city is tech focused but it also has great restaurants, nightlife and heaps of things to do and see. Plus, it’s also got lush rolling hills and beautiful scenery. The best of both worlds, really.

Want to take some snaps for the ‘gram? We have the seven best spots to get a great Instagram shot when visiting San Jose…

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1. Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph

You’ll find this stunning building right in the heart of downtown, with palm trees all around it – it’s an amazing display of architecture.

The basilica is named for Saint Joseph, patron saint of the universal church.

Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph in San Jose

2. San Pedro Square Market Bar

A great meet-up place for foodies, music lovers, locally-made crafts supporters,  coffee fanatics,  old-time barbershop hunters and people looking to drink great beer and wine. There’s endless photo opportunities in this spot.


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3. Japanese Friendship Garden

This is a super tranquil place to come and relax, peering in at the golden koi fish in the three ponds. There are also gorgeous well-kept gardens and plants which make for the perfect background for that San Jose Instagram shot.


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4. SoFA District Street Art

SoFA is a funky arts, cultural, and entertainment district in the very heart of Downtown San Jose. Located directly behind the San Jose Convention Centre, you’ll find stunning street art in the most unusual of places.


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5. Municipal Rose Garden

Nothing lights up your instagram feed more than some pretty flowers. Rolling green lawns and colourful blooms highlight the San José Municipal Rose Garden. In fact, hardly a day passes when some species is not in full bloom, with more than 3,500 plantings and 189 varieties featured.


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6. Cocktails at Five Points

After all that walking around taking photos and exploring the city you’ll want to take the weight off your feet. And by that, we mean you’ll want to guzzle down a cocktail or two.

The cocktails in here don’t just look fantastic for your photos, but they taste incredible as well.

Cocktails at Five Points

7. Winchester Mystery House

This 160-room, sprawling labyrinth of a home was built to appease spirits who died at the hands of the Winchester Rifle. You can tour the house and gardens; with 10,000 windows and a $5 million price tag way back in 1923, you can imagine the sort of grandeur you will be seeing.

Winchester Mystery House in San Jose

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