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7 Skills To Learn At Home During Self-Isolation

With millions across the globe indoors due to the coronavirus, now is the perfect time to learn a new skill. Fortunately, we are in the 21st century with infinite online resources at our fingertips. Like any skill, you learn by doing. Here are seven skills to learn at home during self-isolation.

Skills To Learn At Home During Self-Isolation

1. Master the perfect sourdough

Now is the perfect time to hone in on your baking skills by mastering sourdough bread. This fermented, salty loaf will be the star of the show at all of your dinner parties once the Coronavirus is over. There are loads of great courses out there, but we recommend Patrick Ryan’s completely free in-depth lesson.

at home skills isolation

2. Meditation

Meditation can be intimidating at first, but we promise the practise is worth it. Not only is it an effective mental exercise, it’s also great care for your mental health. Meditation has endless benefits such as enhancing emotional health, easing anxiety and increasing self-awareness. Some studies have even shown that it has the potential to reduce memory loss in our older years.

Learning and practising meditation is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Opt for a reputable and effective app like Headspace and remember to start in small increments.

3. Foreign Language

Now is as good a time as any to learn a new language finally. In this day and age, there are limitless resources for learning a new language from apps to video classes. It’s also the perfect skill to practise right now so that when future trips come along, you’ll be prepared with the local lingo. We recommend starting with an app like DuoLingo for the basics and using iTalki once you’re ready to practise with a native speaker.

at home skills isolation

4. Get Colourful With Paints

When was the last time you grabbed a fist full of paintbrushes, paints, an easel and just created something? Painting is such a calming activity and studies have shown that it also helps to sharpen your motor skills and coordination. Who knew by painting more that you could be a better flag football player?! From Bob Ross to in-depth Udemy classes, there are plenty of options to get started.

at home skills isolation

5. Creative Writing

So fundamental, yet so important. Get your thoughts out on paper with a creative writing course. By learning this skill, you can tap into your imagination and natural storytelling abilities while creating something new. Who knows? You may find out that you’re quite the poet. Plus, if you opt for a professional course, it’s not a bad thing to add to a resume. We recommend Skillshare.

at home skills isolation

6. Photography

With the rise of social media and small sects like Instagram flat-lay and food photography popping up, it’s a great time to practise the art. It’s not only a useful skill, but it’s also a way to release your creativity. Capture beautiful portraits, create unique compositions and freeze moments in time with a Masterclass.

7. Practice The Ancient Art of Suminagashi

Suminagashi is an age-old Japanese art form that translates to ‘floating ink.’ It’s a style of marbling that uses soap, water and paint to its advantage to create unique and mesmerizing patterns. While it may look a little intimidating at first, don’t let that sway you. There are plenty of courses offered online so that you can get to work right away. Start with Jody Alexander’s beginner’s course on Creative Bug.

at home skills isolation
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