Richard Branson's Necker Island

Here’s Your Chance To Stay On Richard Branson’s Private Island

Finally. A rare chance to stay on Necker Island, aka Richard Branson’s private hideaway for the rich and famous.

If you’re lucky enough to have at least $40,000 to spare, this dreamy island could be your next getaway. Necker Island is located in the Caribbean in the beautiful and unspoiled British Virgin Islands. Sounds beautiful? It is.

While the island is usually booked out for exclusive use, the Ocean Summit is being held here on January 24th, 2020, and you could be there.

Auction website Paddle8 has a listing for a stay for two on Necker Island for the Ocean Summit

Necker Island

Necker Island Villa

You’ll have two nights on Necker Island and three days sailing through the British Virgin Islands with the Ocean Summit to help local groups protect the marine environment in the BVI.

Rub shoulders and chat all things marine with for six nights with entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, artists, philanthropists and politicians.

But, like we said, it’s not cheap. The starting bid is $40,000 USD, with organisers expecting the trip to go for upwards of $100,000. Keep in mind that to book the island exclusively it costs as much as that for one single night. 

You can even take a ride on the iconic Necker Nymph

iconic Necker Nymph

Necker Nymph, is a 3-person aero submarine that can dive down to a depth of 30 metres so you can explore the deep waters.

And – if you’re lucky – Sir Richard Branson himself will be there. All the money from the auction will go to Blue Ocean Film Institute as part of The Ocean Summit.

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