Cheapest Cities In The World For Backpackers

The Cheapest Cities In The World For Backpackers

Eager to spend some time travelling the world but on a budget? We hear you. But, travelling doesn’t always have to break the bank; there’s plenty of budget-friendly spots. This Top 10 list of the cheapest cities in the world for backpackers proves just that.

Price of Travel launched their Backpacker Index numbers for cities all over the world, to find the average cost per day of visiting each place.

For each city this daily total includes:

  • A dorm bed at a good and cheap hostel
  • 3 budget meals
  • 2 public transportation rides
  • 1 paid cultural attraction
  • 3 cheap beers (as an “entertainment fund”)

You’ll see that most of the cheapest cities for backpackers are in Asia and South America, hence why they are such popular destinations for lengthy travels.

Cheapest cities in the world for backpackers

1. Hanoi, Vietnam ($18.29)

2. Vientiane, Laos ($19.26)

3. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam ($19.46)

4. Yangon, Myanmar ($20.02)

5. Pokhara, Nepal ($20.38)

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6. Granada (Nicaragua), Nicaragua ($20.40)

7. Chiang Mai, Thailand ($20.93)

8. Hoi An, Vietnam ($21.20)

9. Quito, Ecuador ($21.90)

10. Phnom Penh, Cambodia ($22.23)

Sure, you shouldn’t just go to any given city simply because it’s “cheap” but every destination on the list has something to offer for all types of travellers. You can see the full list of the 100 cheapest cities in the world here.

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