7 Best Marshall Islands Instagram

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In The Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands are a sprawling chain of volcanic islands and coral atolls in the central Pacific Ocean, between Hawaii and the Philippines.

Not many people visit these remote islands, as they are pretty difficult to reach – but that just makes them all the more magical. We’ve found the prettiest spots to get a Marshall Islands Instagram photo.

1. Arno Atoll

Arno Atoll is just a 45-minute boat ride from Majuro and has white sandy beaches and clear waters (with tropical fish… and sharks!)

It’s simple, with just a tiny snack store and basic cabin accommodation if you want to spend the night, but its calm beauty is unbeatable.


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2. Ebeye Island

Ebeye was a seaplane base for the Japanese during World War II and was where people were relocated to after the US government did nuclear tests in nearby islands in the 1940s.

The local community here are a joy and you’ll see what it’s really like to live on an island.


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3. Runit Island

Runit Island is one of the most radiated pieces of land in the world, leftover from the devastating nuclear tests done from 1948-1958.

This giant concrete ‘Cactus Dome’ covers a nuclear crater, and is a unique sight to see. There’s signs warning off visitors, but you can still enter here safely.


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4. Kili Island

Since 1948, Kili Island in the Marshall Islands has been home to many of the families of displaced people from Bikini Atoll. It is sadly affected by climate change as tidal waves wash over the island on a yearly basis, and the future of this picturesque spot is unclear.

Visit and admire the breathtaking natural beauty before it’s too late.


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5. Rongelap Atoll

Rongelap Atoll was also affected by nuclear tests but has recently been restored and has been rebuilding its community.

Rustic tourist huts have popped up and the island’s stunning white sands make it a must-see.


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6. Majuro

Bustling Majuro is the capital and main port of entry for the Marshall Islands. There’s a lovely farmer’s market with fresh produce and handmade craft stores.

Plus, you can do biking trips and diving from the island shores.


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7. Bikini Atoll

The former island paradise of Bikini Atoll is slowly coming back to life after 70 years of suffering from radiation. It was the inspiration for the film Godzilla, and fans of the cult movie will enjoy a day trip here.


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