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Viral TikTok Video Reveals 8 Tips For Checking Into A Hotel

Curious about how the industry secrets of the hotel and travel industry? Well, thanks to social media things aren’t so secret anymore. In fact, a video by a flight attendant that shows eight things everyone should do when checking into a hotel is going viral on TikTok.

You might think that once you check in and place your bags down in your room, you’re good to go. Apparently not. These interesting tips from Kat Kamalani, a flight attendant and influencer from Salt Lake City, show that you should always remove the bed throw and cushions because “they never wash those.”

Here’s some top tips for checking into a hotel…

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1. Remove the Bed Throw and Cushions

Kamalani says that hotels “never wash those.”

2. Don’t Put Your Bag on the Bed!

Why? Well, this one makes sense. Your suitcase or carry-on bag has likely been traipsed through the airport or train station and is pretty dirty.

3. Never Say Your Room Number Out Loud

This is to ensure that strangers cannot gain access to your room by asking for a spare key.

4. Make Sure There’s Nobody Behind You When Entering the Room

As Kamalani often travels alone for work, this is a key safety tip.

5. Check the Corners of the Mattress for Bedbugs

We’re sorry to say it, but in some hotels these pesky bugs are on the bed. Look for small dark spots at the corners, which are harder to clean.

tips checking into hotel

6. Use the Ice Bucket if There’s No Refrigerator!

Simply pop a plastic bag into the ice bucket and fill up to keep any food chilled.

7. Check That the Room is Totally Empty

This might not be something you think of doing, but it’s no harm to check before shutting the door when you enter the room.

8. Make Sure to Lock the Top Safety Lock

Key cards can often be a not so secure, so use the safety latch to lock the door when you are inside the room.

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