Travel the World Virtually With These New Amazon Experiences

Virtually Travel the World With These New Amazon Experiences

Due to the global pandemic, most of us have skipped on travel this year. While this has led to a pretty boring and quiet year, a new virtual travel platform from Amazon could turn things around. The experiences platform, Amazon Explore, allows users to virtually travel the world. All from the comfort of their own home.

Similar to Airbnb Experiences, but instead of involving physical travel, Amazon is offering its new interactive experiences completely virtually. Users can shop, learn, and explore one-on-one with their host – all online. The experiences are streamed live with two-way audio, but just one-way video so you can see the host but they can’t see you. Amazon experiences include dumpling and pasta cooking classes, wine and sake tastings, and walking tours in some of the coolest cities around the world.

Many of the tour operators have pivoted their business towards Amazon Explore due to being affected by the pandemic. Therefore you’ll be supporting small businesses and individuals by booking, which is great.

Their under $50 section offers a variety of amazing virtual experiences such as:

A virtual wine tasting across Argentina for $29

Discover the wines of Argentina during this 45-minute virtual tasting live-streamed from Buenos Aires.

Virtually Travel the World With These New Amazon Experiences

Virtual Carbonara and a Cacio e Pepe cooking classes

Watch or cook along with Italian chefs to create these scrumptious pasta dishes and learn the history behind them. $45 per experience.

Virtually Travel the World With These New Amazon Experiences

Virtual sake lesson at a bar in Tokyo

Another Amazon Explore experience allowing users to virtually travel the world brings you to the streets of Tokyo. Hang with some sake bar staff and a sommelier in this live-streamed experience that is all about Japan’s most famous rice wine. ..

Some pricier Amazon Explore options include:

A DIY dumpling cooking lesson live-streamed from Hong Kong

For $99 learn all about delicious dumplings in this cooking demonstration. Your host, who has been making dumplings since childhood, will introduce you to this savory sensation and illustrate the differences between Hong Kong dumplings and other variations.

Explore New York City’s Central Park 

Experience Central Park from New York City’s Upper West Side to the East Side in a virtual, half-mile walk-through. Stroll with your host through the mid-19th century landscape and feel like a true New Yorker!

Walking tour of historic Upper Town Old Québec City

Virtually walk the streets of Upper Town Old Québec and marvel in the historic feels. Get a close-up view of the famous Fairmont Le Château Frontenac from beautiful Terrasse Dufferin by the Saint-Lawrence River.

Virtually Travel the World With These New Amazon Experiences Finally, users will also have the opportunity to shop for souvenirs along their journey. Browse local stores and street markets but pay and have items shipped directly to you easily via Amazon. Learn more about Amazon Explore here

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