7 Ways To Support Healthcare Workers During The Coronavirus

With coronavirus growing day by day, doctors and nurses are working round the clock. Day in and day out, hospital staff has continued to provide care for the vulnerable in this pandemic and for that, we are eternally grateful. Maybe you have a nurse or doctor in your life that you want to help, or perhaps you’re just looking to spread some love at your local hospital. Either way, here are seven ways you can support healthcare workers during the Coronavirus.

Ways To Support Healthcare Workers During The Coronavirus

1. Write A Thank You Card

Taking the time to simply put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard!) can make all the difference in someone’s day. Write or type a letter telling your nurse or doctor how grateful you are for their tireless efforts during the pandemic.

2. Send Them A Meal

Food delivery is very hot right now with so many practising self-isolation. Many health care professionals are working sun up to sun down to provide for their patients. This often means skipped or very few meals. Make a nurse, nurse aid or doctors day by surprising them with a delivered meal for them to enjoy. Pizza is always a great idea as it can serve multiple people and is generally liked by everyone.

3. Send Shoe Inserts

Nurses and doctors spend many 15 hour days on their feet. From running the halls, wheeling patients and responding to codes, their legs and feet become very overworked and tired. That’s why sending a few pair of shoe inserts to your local hospital can really make a difference. We recommend the ones that can be cut to size.

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4. Offer To Run Errands

Because of the current round the clock schedule that so many hospitals are implementing, many staff members never have the chance to get things done at home. If you aren’t in a quarantined area, offer to run an errand for them such as dropping some groceries at their house or walking their dog. It’s one less thing on their plate at the end of the day.

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5. Stay Indoors

The most obvious and easy way to ease the stress of hospital staff is to practice caution by staying indoors. Self-isolation has proven to curb the spread of Coronavirus significantly. So, by limiting your time in public, you are curbing down on local hospital patients and lessening their workload. For more information on self-isolation and social distancing, head here.

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6. Offer To Chat

At the end of the day, healthcare professionals have an extremely stressful job. With or without the pandemic, they are the backbone of public health, and without them, our communities would suffer. They save our grandparents, operate on car accident victims, deliver babies and everything in between. With this, comes a lot of stress and tough days. Drop a nurse a message that if they ever need to vent, you’re there to listen.

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7. Make A Donation

In the wake of Coronavirus, charities across the nation and globally are helping support hospital staff. Organisations such as Direct Relief provide personal protective equipment like masks and gloves to China. Others such as the nonprofit research group Candid are dedicated to eliminating Coronavirus. The American Red Cross is also urging anyone in good health to consider donating blood.

By donating time or effort to any one of these charities, you are contributing to the slowing of the Coronavirus and proving that we, including healthcare workers, can get through this together. Little by little.

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