iPhone Photography Awards 2019

7 Amazing Images From The 2019 iPhone Photography Awards

Think you need a professional camera to take jaw-dropping photographs? Think again. The winner’s of this year’s iPhone Photography Awards prove that your phone can be just as powerful.

From seaside tents to Burning Man, these images will inspire to get out there and start snappin’.

This year’s winners were selected from thousands of entries submitted by iPhone photographers from over 140 countries around the world. As for the Grand Prize Winner and Photographer of the Year Award? This goes to Gabriella Cigliano of Italy for her entry Big Sister.

Here’s 10 of the most amazing images from this year’s contest.

The top iPhone Photography images 2019…How do these rankings work?

Grand Prize, Photographer of the Year

Big Sister – Gabriella Cigliano

The best part was showing them and their mums the photos, for some it was the first time they were seeing their faces, and their excitement was unexplainable.”

Big Sister
Location: Zanzibar, Africa Shot on iPhone X

1st Place – Travel

Lonely Boat – Liu Bo

“The man, the boat, and me. I felt a connection in that moment, people are so small between heaven and earth.”

Location: Da Nang , Vietnam Shot on iPhone 8 Plus

2nd Place – Travel

Tourists at the Dunes-Death Valley – James Cowlin

A bus load of tourist had just arrived and people were walking out into the dunes. The bright light of midday accented the dunes and the colorful clothes of the tourists.”

3rd Place – Travel

Palanquera – Alfonso Ordosgoitia

In this photo that I took in Cartagena – Colombia, I was exploring the contrast between the colonial architecture of the city, next to a “Palanquera” : a Colombian touristic symbol that represents the group of runaway African slaves, now known for selling fruits on the streets with colorful dresses – A “costume” that disguises the episodes of slavery caused by the Spanish colonization.”

Honorable MentionsHow do these rankings work?

iPhone Photography
Andrie Lancanan
iPhone Photography
Davide Maria
iPhone Photography
Dina Alfasi

Think these are amazing? You can check out all the winners of the iPhone Photography awards here.

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