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The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina might be known for its historic civil war, but this Balkan state has an incredible East-meets-West atmosphere.

The lush countryside is home to medieval villages, rivers and lakes, while the capital city of Sarajevo has a vibrant arts scene and buzzy terrace cafes and bars.

Wondering where to visit on your trip here for the best photographs? We’ve picked the 7 places to see for the most memorable Bosnia Instagram shots.

1. Stari Most

The historic town of Mostar is best known for its incredible 16th-century bridge, Stari Most, which was destroyed in the war in 1990 and only rebuilt in 2004.

The gravity-defying stone bridge is a popular spot to dive from into the blue waters below, and makes for an iconic Bosnia Instagram photo.


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2. Kravice Waterfalls

These scenic waterfalls are one of Europe’s best-kept natural secrets. It’s separated in 20 different falls that all gush down into a huge lake below where you can go for picnics, camping and even swimming.

Stop by here during summer, when the falls look their best and you can rent a raft to float in the lake.


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3. Sarajevo Bobsleigh Track

For an edgy Bosnia Instagram snap, visit the abandoned bobsleigh track from the 1984 Winter Olympics. Covered in graffiti, it’s a cool place for an impromptu photoshoot.

It’s high up in the mountains so you’ll also get an amazing view.


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4. Plava Voda, Travnik

This picturesque area in Travnik is the ideal place for a spot of lunch al fresco. Charming restaurants surround the stream that is a super bright shade of blue.

Try the locally made sheep’s cheese – it’s delicious.


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5. Vrbas River

This 250 kilometre river is famous for its 50 shades of green – you’ll never believe how many colours you will see as you go along the waters.

The Vrbas Canyon is also an ideal place for water adventures like kayaking and rafting.


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6. The Yellow Fort

The Yellow Fort offers a fantastic view of the city of Sarajevo and is one of the most popular spots for sunset.

Grab a beer to bring up with you like the locals do, and watch the sun set over the city below. Gorgeous.


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7. Pocitelj streets

The charming cobblestone streets in Pocitelj are stunning, with local street vendors selling fresh fruit and honey. At the top of the medieval village there’s a 15th century fort that’s well worth the uphill climb.

Pocitelj is one of the most picture-perfect places in all of Bosnia & Herzegovina.


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