The 7 Best Bars In Florence

7 Of The Best Bars In Florence

When it comes to drinking, Italians know how to do it right and do it with a flair. That is no different here in the sleepy and wine-centric Tuscany region, especially in Florence. In this beautiful and historical city, there are loads of great bars in Florence to have a libation in.

Come and enjoy a drink at these seven bars in Florence.

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1. Il Santino

Il Santino is one of Florence’s finest wine bars that serve a lengthy list of wines with great tapas too. At this cozy and laid-back bar, guests can also enjoy some Tuscan craft beer as well.

Have the wine flight here which includes as many as 12 different wines and pair it with some cheese.

Il Santino bar in florence

2. Mad – Souls & Spirits

Dive bars are everywhere and in this historical and classy city, and the best one is at Mad Souls & Spirits. Fun, friendly, and very hip, this bar features a menu that has hilarious names for their cocktamayils.

If you want some gin, get their Hand Luggage drink. For rum drinkers, try their Flight Insurance cocktail.

Mad Souls & Spirits in Florence

3. Bitter Bar

Nothing is bitter about Bitter Bar as this classy Jazz bar is home to some of the best cocktails in Florence. The atmosphere inside offers a vintage yet welcoming feel to it with friendly bartenders as well.

A recommendation here would be to ask the owner and head bartender, Cristiano, for his cocktail recommendation as he is internationally-recognised as one of the most creative bartenders around.

bars in florence

4. Manifattura

Manifattura has only been around for a few years in Florence but they have quickly made a name for themselves as a go-to drinks spot in Florence. From their vintage-inspired decor to their creative cocktail concoctions, this bar has quickly become a favourite.

Get a Florence cultural lesson and order their Mah Na Mah Na drink and endear yourself to the bartender and ask them what it means.

Manifattura bar in Florence

5. Mayday Club

The Mayday Club is a play on the days of World War I with its many telegraphs, radios, receivers and transmitters that make up the decor of this unique bar. This bar is located close to the Duomo and they serve up great cocktails in this vintage bar.

Swing by for a cocktail of your choice as you wait for the sweltering lines at the Duomo to subside.

Mayday Club bar

6. Sabor Cubano

For a Cuban flare in Florence, come to Sabor Cubano. No frills and no gimmicks at this Spanish-inspired bar that plays loud salsa music and gets packed on the weekends.

Since it is a Cuban bar, they specialize in rum and tequila-based cocktails that are topped off with fresh mint. A refreshing drink to have on a very hot day indeed.

Sabor Cubano bar

7. Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina

This is a beautiful bar right opposite the 15th-century Pitti Palace, where a local demographic goes for a glass of wine and great vibes. The walls are stacked high with wines from all over the country, with a marble bar front and centre.

Ask the bartender to recommend you a wine you’ve never tried before – this is the place to do so.

best bars in Florence

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