Best Bars in La Ceiba, Honduras

7 Of The Best Bars In La Ceiba

Don’t be surprised if you find a coffee cocktail or two on the menu in Honduras. Try visiting these best bars in La Ceiba.

Whether you’re looking for something frozen and sweet or strong and neat, there are plenty of options to choose from.

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1. El Jaguar

This bright and colorful outdoor bar is right on the beach, making it the best place for a sunset drink. Take a seat in the beach hut or dance to away when a DJ is playing a set. The atmosphere is relaxed, the drinks are strong and there is plenty of beer to go around here.

The best La Ceiba bars in Honduras

2. North Beach

For another great beachfront setting without the sand, head to this restaurant. It’s located on the boardwalk and the second floor is a great perch for watching the sun go down. The drinks are potent and cold, so go for something slushie or frozen here.

3. Beer Box La Ceiba

This bar is cozy and offers a ton of beer choices. There’s plenty of seating for groups and a long communal table as well. Expect good service and order a Honduran beer.

Best La Ceiba bars in Honduras

4. 2 Bar&Grill

If you’re looking to dance all night long this is your place. There are plenty of drink options ranging from buckets of iced beer to cocktails and mixed drinks. The atmosphere is energetic and there is always music on to get down to.

5. Container Bar

This bar is directly on the beach outside of downtown and as relaxed as Honduran bars come. You’ll find standard beer options as well as delicious frozen drinks. Pick your poison then take a seat in a chair with your feet in the water and watch the waves roll in.

6. Terrazza Bar

This lively neon-lit club is spacious with tons of room on the dancefloor and plenty of outdoor seating when you want to take a break. They have shots, strong mixed drinks and plenty of beer too.

7. La Palapa

This two-story beachside restaurant and bar keeps the beach hut vibes going year-round. You’ll find a selection of standard beer options as well as killer cocktails and mixed drinks. Order something refreshing and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere.

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