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7 Of The Best Bars In London

Simply put, the bars in London are some of the most diverse and eclectic in all of Europe. This country is definitely known to have a few libations on a frequent basis and thus, you’ll be able to fit right in with the endless amounts of bars in this huge Metropolitan city.

Here are the seven best bars to check out in London.

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1. Lyaness

Formerly known as Dandelyan, the newly-named Lyaness is a classy cocktail bar that has kept the high standards the previous Dandelyan has set. The cocktails here are made with imagination and creativity and it’s not uncommon for people to order a cocktail off the menu at Lyaness.

Try one of their signature cocktails, the Infinite Banana, which takes their bartenders an entire week to prepare.

2. Swift

Swift is a bar in the swanky Soho neighbourhood that is spread out over two floors. If you don’t come with a reservation you’ll have to grab a drink in their standing room upstairs which is fine cause that’s really where the lively atmosphere at Swift is.

Chat it up with some locals or tourists in the standing room section of Swift and try a Destination Tokyo cocktail that stars Japanese whisky.

Swift Bar London

3. Bar Termini

Named after the famous train station in Rome, Termini, Bar Termini is an Italian-inspired Aperitivo bar. It is a really popular spot in Soho and despite the communal long table, is a great place to meet new people thanks to the close proximity of their seating.

At an Italian-inspired bar, try the Negroni or settle into a Spritz Termini.

Bar Termini London

4. Tayer + Elementary

Tayer + Elementary is a newer arrival onto the London bar scene but they’ve made a big splash thanks to its modern and minimal style but bold cocktail flavours. They really take their cocktails seriously here and the bartenders often experiment with new flavours or new twists on some classic cocktails.

Try a Scandinavian twist on a classic cocktail with their Nordic Old Fashioned.

Tayer + Elementary

5. Connaught Bar

For one of the swankiest bar experiences in London, you’ll find it at Connaught Bar. Not going to lie to you: the drinks here are expensive and you might feel a bit out of place in your jeans and t-shirt here. If you do come here though, prepare to have your mind blown as each cocktail is perfectly made one cocktail at a time.

If you’re looking to celebrate a milestone and don’t mind spending a few pounds, come check out Connaught Bar.

Connaught Bar London

6. Original Sin

Original Sin is a small and dark bar with a fantastic ambiance and a fun atmosphere. You’ll find your fair share of hipsters here at Original Sin but you’ll also find some well-made cocktails.

Try their Cognac cocktail, the Comeback, which also includes maple syrup, apple vinegar, and apricots.

Original Sin

7. Satan’s Whiskers

If Satan was a cat, he’d come to Satan’s Whiskers for some of the best cocktails in London. You might just walk right by it if you’re not looking for it as the sign outside is quite inconspicuous but once inside, you’ll be hit with a down-to-earth and interesting bar presence.

Try the appropriately-named cocktails Satan’s Manhattan or Satan’s Americano.

Satan's Whiskers London

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