Best Bars in Munich Germany

7 Of The Best Bars In Munich

You wouldn’t be blamed if the first thought that came to your mind when you thought of drinking in Munich is beer. But you might be surprised to know that while they do have lots of beer here, there are also some great bars in Munich as well.

Thirsty? These are seven of the best bars in Munich.

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1. Zephyr Bar

Along with beer, gin is also a very popular alcoholic beverage in Munich and there is lots of that at Zephyr Bar. The menu’s selection of gins are extensive and their gin cocktails are super popular.

Come to Zephyr Bar for their constantly changing menu of cocktails but while you’re here, give the Duke Munich Dry Gin a try.

Zephyr Bar in Munich Germany

2. The High

The High is a hip and stylish bar in Munich that makes excellent cocktails with loud hip hop music blaring in the background. The bar area here is a bright and quirky display of liqueurs and random things like fruits and plants.

Blend in with the hipsters in this bar and get the Super Gin Basil Smash.

The High Bar in Munich

3. Weinhaus Neuner

Weinhaus Neuner is Munich’s oldest wine bar and features an extensive list of German and international wines. Come to this bar to enjoy a glass or a bottle of wine as you catch up with friends in this relaxed atmosphere.

With such a long list of wines, feel free to ask their friendly bar staff to help make a recommendation for you.

Weinhaus Neuner

4. Bar Gabányi

Bar Gabanyi is a speakeasy type of bar that focuses on whiskey-based cocktails and good jazz music. This elegant yet cosy speakeasy have gained a reputation in Munich for their creative cocktail-making skills and attentive service.

Since they’re known for their whiskey drinks here, try the Harlem Shuffle.

Bar Gabanyi Munich

5. Zum Wolf

Zum Wolf is a small bar that has big American influence. Located in one of Munich’s liveliest neighbourhoods (Glockenbach), this unassuming bar features a heavy collection of whiskey drinks.

Since many American expats come to this bar for a familiar slice of Americana, be like them and get a whiskey on the rocks.

Zum Wolf Bar in Munich Germany

6. Negroni American Bar

Negroni American Bar is another bar with a heavy American feel, as the name implies. This bar is great for preparing, what else, Negroni, with their seven types you can choose from.

Let’s be real: you ain’t coming to a Negroni Bar and thinking of trying anything else here, are you?

Negroni American Bar in Munich Germany

7. Schumann’s Bar

Saving the best for last, Schumann’s Bar is perhaps, Munich’s most popular bar due to the influence of Charles Schumann, Germany’s most well-known bartender. Schumann’s definitely lives up to its reputation as bartenders here make the best cocktails in Munich.

If you’re lucky, you might have the chance to meet 80-year old Charles as he seldom stops by to make drinks. Ask him for his recommendation and an autograph as well!

Schumann's Bar

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