Best Value Flight Routes

7 Of The Best Value Flight Routes To Book In 2020

It’s becoming cheaper and cheaper to hop on a flight for a quick getaway, but if you really want some bang for your buck, then consider these best value flight routes for 2020. Skyscanner crunched the numbers to find out which routes dropped in price the most in 2019, so you should get some amazing bargains on the following flights…,

There are five cheap flight routes within Asia, three within Europe, one from the Middle
East to Europe, and one within South America. The only decision you have to make is which one to book first!

Best Value Flight Routes 2020

1. IT-Milan-AT-Vienna (-49.05%)

In the past year, travellers from the Italian city of Milan to the Austrian capital of Vienna have enjoyed an average price drop of 49.05%.

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2. UK-London-UA-Kyiv (-44.28%)

Another flight route decrease of over 40% is from London to Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital and an emerging travel destination for 2020.

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3. TW-Taipei-TH-Chiang Mai (-43.73%)

Flights from Taipei to Chiang Mai, a city in mountainous northern Thailand, also dropped by over 40%.

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4. IL-Tel Aviv-AT-Vienna (-38.78%)

In fourth place is another flight to Vienna, from Tel Aviv, Israel. Looks like Vienna is a great (and cheap!) city to fly to in 2020.

5. UK-London-IE-Cork (-37.90%)

Planning to fly from London to Cork, Ireland? You’re in luck, as this route looks to be continuously decreasing in price year-on-year.

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6. KR-Seoul-JP-Shizuoka (-37.09%)

Seoul, South Korea to Shizuoka, Japan is also a cheap flight route to consider if you fancy exploring Asia a bit more this year.

Best Value Flight Routes

7. JP-Tokyo-JP-Ishigaki (-35.03%)

In seventh place is an internal Japanese flight, from the capital Tokyo to Ishigaki, the country’s most southern city, on an island in Okinawa Prefecture.

best value flight routes 2020

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