7 Of The Most Beautiful Bookstores In Asia

Asia, as a whole, is home to some of the world’s most interesting architecture, both ancient and modern. From Japan to India, Singapore to China, the architecture, history and style vary greatly which means loads of opportunities for unique buildings, namely, bookstores. Here are the most beautiful bookstores in Asia.

Most Beautiful Bookstores In Asia

1. Zhongshu Bookstore – Yangzhou, China

Zhongshu Bookstore in Yangzhou is chockfull of optical illusions. The intricate designs are nothing short of mesmerising and create a sense of neverending books and bookshelves. What’s more to love? There are a few notable features that go beyond the already impressive design, though. A ‘forest of mirrors’ room which is exactly what it sounds like and an area that makes it feel like you’re sitting in the woods.

2. Sinan Books – Shanghai, China

Sinan Books was designed by Wutopia Lab whose focus was to model all four floors after the human body. The basement? That’s really a model of your subconscious thoughts. The ground level? The entrance to the heart, of course. In addition to the wonderful symbolism throughout, there are tons of reading nooks and even a marble terrace rooftop.

image: Retail Trends Media/Facebook

3. Wuguan Books – Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Wuguan Book in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan takes cosy and intimate reading next level. Each book is dimly lit, creating an enchanting ‘candlelit’ experience that makes each guest feel like the only one in the store.

beautful bookstores asia

4. College Street – Kolkata, India

Home to Kolkata’s Book Town, College Street is part of the largest second-hand book market in the world at nearly one million square feet. If that weren’t enough, it’s all set in the heart of the historic centre and is bursting with all the charm you’d expect.

beautful bookstores asia
image: Oh! Calcutta/Facebook

5. T-Site – Tokyo, Japan

Tucked away in Tokyo’s Daikanyama neighbourhood, T-Site is the ultimate spot for bookworms. You could also describe this sophisticated bookstore as a book mall. Spread across three buildings with three stories each, T-Site is an endless book haven formed in three buildings of sleek architecture.

beautful bookstores asia

6. BooksActually – Singapore

BooksActually in Singapore is the cosy and quaint bookshop you never knew you needed to visit. But trust us, you really do. Colourful typewriters, vintage knickknacks and quirky style bring the place to life and make it warm and inviting. There’s even a shop cat named Cake.

beautful bookstores asia

7. Zhongshu Bookstore – Shanxi, China

Belonging to the same chain as our first bookstore, Zhonshu has locations all across China. Each more stunning than the next, we couldn’t help but list the Shanxi location along with Yangzhou. This all-white bookstore feels like stepping into an alternate reality. Smack dab in the middle of Shanxi, one of China’s most ancient cities, Zhongshu is a different world entirely.

beautful bookstores asia

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