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7 Sustainable Travel Tips To Be A Responsible Traveller

Most people who travel do so out of interest and respect for the places they visit – but how can you take that one step further and travel sustainably? These sustainable travel tips will fill you in on you how you can make more of a difference with how you travel the world.

Large-scale tourism development can damage ecosystems, pollute environments and exploit local communities. We’re not saying don’t travel- far from it! There’s plenty of ways you can make a difference. Although we are only at the very start of this shift, it is being led by a younger generation who will shape travel in the future.

Here’s the top sustainable travel tips to be a responsible traveller everywhere you go.

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1. Travel Lighter

Before you fly, we recommend taking a look at your suitcase and thinking about ways to avoid packing unnecessary things. Lightweight luggage means that the airplane consumes less fuel – this is highly important in lowering carbon dioxide emissions.

2. Travel At Off-Peak Seasons

Think outside the box – would you be able to travel outside the peak season? Overtourism of certain places is destroying beaches and putting a strain on local communities. If you can’t resist visiting popular destinations, visit them at off-peak times. The money you spend then will help businesses that can struggle outside peak season.

3. Embrace Local Food and Handicrafts

Keep in mind two phrases beginning with L: “less is more” and “local”! Think food, design and handmade products. They’re more eco-friendly and there’s usually a heart-warming story behind the products.

It’s not about how much money you spend – it’s about where you spend it.

sustainable travel tips

4. Drink Tap Water (If Possible!)

Forget about the single-use plastic bottles and start filling your own bottle with clean water straight from the tap. It’s clean, refreshing – and by using your own bottle, it will help keep your carbon footprint down.

5. Respect Local People

Learn a few words of the local language and make sure you know what’s considered polite and what’s not in terms of eating, greeting and local values. Remember that you are visiting someone else’s home.

6. Choose Your Transport Wisely

If just one million people replaced an 8km car trip with a bike ride once a week, global CO2 emissions would be reduced by nearly 100, 000 tonnes a year! Use your car only if you really need to. Public transport, bicycles and walking are ‘greener’ modes of transport and great ways to meet locals and discover a new region.

7. Try To Book Eco-Friendly Accomodation

Whether it’s for a weekend getaway or a week-long stay, make sure your accommodation has green habits. You should also hang towels that can be used more than once, turn lights and air conditioning off when you go out.

Ultimately, make sure that what you do on your trip its not exploitative of people, nature, or resources and you’ll find that following sustainable travel tips is easier than you think.

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