first time ski holiday tips

7 Tips For Surviving Your First Ever Ski Holiday

These handy ski holiday tips will have you soaring down the slopes in no time. First things first: make sure you remain in control of your ego and the speed you’re travelling at; try not to collide with other snowboarders; make sure you gain proper instruction and experience (about 60% of all injuries occur to skiers/snowboarders with less than 20 days experience); and remain alert at all times.

Beginner skiers or snowboarders, take note:

Top Tips for First Time Skiers/Snowboarders

1. Wear the Right Ski Gear

Always wear an appropriate snowboard/ski helmet with side vents that allow you to hear; wrist and elbow guards, kneepads and backside pads (particularly for novices) may be used to reduce the risk of injury; when renting or purchasing a snowboard, choose equipment to suit your skill level and size.

2. Start Off on The ‘Bunny’ Slopes…

Snowboard/ski on runs that are appropriate for your ability. Beginners should take lessons and start on an ‘easy to manage’ slope so that they can practice turning and stopping.

3. Increase Your Vitamin B Intake Before You Go

Skiing or snowboarding results in a build up of lactic acid, which causes stiffness and aching of muscle. Thiamine (Vit B1) is required by the enzyme that breaks down or converts lactic acid. So, increasing your Vit B1 intake (as part of a Vit B complex) for two to three weeks prior to skiing/snowboarding will help relieve stiffness faster.

4. Know the Skier/Snowboarder Responsibility Code!

Make sure you know the general rules of the slopes. Always stay in control and be able to stop or avoid other people or objects. People ahead of you have the right of way, so it is your responsibility to avoid them.

If you’re tired or cold, go inside to rest. It’s important you’re alert at all times.

5. Get in Shape Before You Hit the Slopes

Running, hiking and climbing will strengthen weight-bearing muscles and help to improve sense of balance. A regime of sit-ups, squats, wall sits, push-ups and lunges will further strengthen legs and abs and enhance the snowboarding experience.

6. Always Wear Sunscreen

You know those goggle marks? Not a good look. Sunscreen is one of the most important ski holiday tips! Don’t forget strategic dabs of sunscreen to protect exposed skin; wear snowboard/ski goggles or sunglasses to protect the eyes.

7. Be Confident and Stay Relaxed!

Easier said than done for first time skiers, but this is actually super important. Attitude and relaxation are crucial. Having a positive attitude is relaxing; tension, meanwhile, is the enemy of fluid, natural movement.

Big 7 Travel Team