7 Things To Do In Hong Kong

7 Unmissable Things To Do In Hong Kong

Being surrounded by skyscrapers on every just about every block as well as over seven million citizens, Hong Kong may seem to be a bit overwhelming. Rest assure, the people are friendly and the skyscrapers glow in the night sky from vantage points like Victoria’s Peak. There’s also plenty of fantastic things to do in Hong Kong.

These are the seven things you need to check out in Hong Kong while you’re here.

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1. Hike/Take the Tram up to Victoria’s Peak

Victoria Peak is Hong Kong’s most picturesque vantage point in the city and you can get here by hiking or taking the tram. Long tram lines may be a put off so you could opt for the scenic Morning Trail which should get you to the peak in under an hour.

The view of the Hong Kong skyline from the summit can easily go on a postcard. Definitely make your way up here.

things to do in hong kong

2. Hong Kong Museum of History

Hong Kong has a long and complex history and that history is put on full display here at this museum. Depicting history from over 100 years ago to today, it’s fascinating to understand how Hong Kong interprets its past and attempts to identify its future.

You’ll really gain a newfound appreciation for Hong Kong history by visiting this museum.

Hong Kong Museum of History

3. Shop at Temple Street Night Market

You can’t come to Hong Kong and not go to at least one night market. You just can’t! There are a few to choose from but we recommend the Temple Street Night Market. It is in Kowloon and is the largest night market in Hong Kong.

Come here for all your late night shopping and eating needs in this lively market.

Shop at Temple Street Night Market

4. Visit Tian Tan (Big) Buddha

Tian Tan or Big Buddha as it’s commonly called, is the largest outdoor seated Buddha in the world, at over 110 feet tall! Fervent disciples or the casual tourist will need to trek up 268 steps before they reach the Big Buddha.

But you should check this out because it’s definitely one of the most recognisable sites in the city.

Visit Tian Tan (Big) Buddha

5. Man Mo Temple

Man Mo Temple is one of Hong Kong’s oldest temples that was built in 1847. This temple was created to honour the gods of literature and of course, loads of students make their way to this temple to pray for good luck (and grades!) before exams.

If your chances of passing that final exam that’s worth 50% of your final grade are slim, you NEED to come here.

Man Mo Temple

6. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is home to countless gold-painted Buddha statues that are life-size. This Monastery is very beautiful and tranquil and there are 431 steps (that go by rather quickly) to get to the Monastery.

You need to go to witness the numerous Buddha statues that line the pathway up to the Monastery.

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

7. Happy Valley Racecourse

If you’re feeling a bit lucky, then try your hand at the Happy Valley Racecourse and bet on some horses. This is the more familiar and popular racecourse of the two in the city and is a great night out for some exciting horse races and good fun.

Come here on a Wednesday evening as there is a different theme each Wednesday. Past themes include Oktoberfest and Bollywood, to name a few.

things to do in hong kong

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