Things To Do In York

7 Unmissable Things To Do In York

Think there’s not many things to do in York? Think again. The combination of the old city walls alongside the river mixed with gorgeous churches, great walking streets and friendly locals make this a must-visit.

York is a beautiful city with ancient walls in the north of England, which attracts millions of tourists each year. From river cruises to delicious food, there’s heaps of things to keep you busy here.

This is what we recommend to pop top on your list…

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1. Explore York Minster

The Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Saint Peter in York is one of the largest in Europe and is mostly known by its short name, York Minster.

You can discover the cathedral’s underground chamber and learn about the Romans of York. You will also have the best views in York after climbing the 275 steps up the Central Tower, leading you to the highest point in the city.

York Minster

2. Stroll down the Shambles

Shambles is one of the best-preserved medieval shopping streets in Europe. Although none of the original shop-fronts have survived from medieval times, the beautiful old buildings have been restored and now house cheerful cafes, quirky boutiques and even a coin & stamp dealer.

The unique beauty of The Shambles even won the title of the most picturesque street in Britain in the Google Street View Awards.

York City Shambles Street

3. Eat your bodyweight in a tasty pie

If you want to eat really good pies – the world’s best pies – then a trip to Yorkshire is necessary, for the dish reigns supreme here.

Piping hot meat pies with flavoursome sauce in a rich flakey pastry. These will have you back in York as often as possible… Try our favourite pie places here.

Tasty Pie

4. Climb to Clifford’s Tower

You’ll have to pay an entrance price, but the reward is the best view you’ll see of the city below.

The tower takes its name from one grisly incident in its long history, when Roger de Clifford was executed for treason against Edward II and hanged in chains from the tower walls.

Clifford's Tower

5. Tour York Cold War Bunker

This is York’s most modern, most unusual and perhaps most spine-chilling site. ‘No.20 Group Royal Observer Corps HQ’ is the underground bunker which would have monitored nuclear explosions and in the Yorkshire region.

A fascinating peek into what the life of volunteer workers who kept the bunker running during the 1960s Cold War fear.

York Cold War Bunker

6. Get lost in Maize Maze

Set in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside,over one million living, growing maize plants make up Europe’s largest maze.

Try to navigate your way through the maze to reach the exit, as you play with clues and games along the way. The design of the maze changes every year; after Halloween they harvest the plants and feed them to the cows on the farm over the cold winter months.

Things to do in York

7.  Cruise down the river Ouse

A great photographic opportunity and chance to see the fascinating buildings, bridges and historic sights on the River Ouse in York. York City Cruises sail nearly all year round, with at least four departures from each of their landings per day.

Oh, and did we mention there’s a bar on board? Get popping that bubbly! A lovely day out when the sun is shining.

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