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Will There Really Be An ‘Air Bridge’ Between London & New York?

With travel restrictions still in place for travellers entering the UK from the US, recent talks of a potential transatlantic ‘air bridge’ between London and New York have not yet been ruled out. Currently, British citizens cannot enter the US via the UK. Americans entering the UK are subject to quarantine rules and must self-isolate for 14 days.

Newspaper sources in the UK say that the British and US governments are strongly considering the idea.

An air bridge between London & New York could be possible

“There are discussions going on at a very senior level around opening up London and New York,” a source told the Daily Telegraph. “They are at a very early stage but it is vital to get business going with a major trading partner especially as we near Brexit.”

With both cities being major business hubs, travel between the two countries pre-COVID was popular. The London to New York flight route (from JFK to Heathrow airport) is one of the busiest long-haul routes globally. In fact, there were more than 14,000 flights in 2019.

As the US operates on a state-by-state basis for COVID regulations, a decision for any travel corridors would be city-by-city. Levels of COVID-19 in New York are lower than the UK average.

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