7 Best Ever Airline Marketing Campaigns

7 Of The Best Ever Airline Marketing Campaigns

Because of the sheer size of the airline industry and how much we all spend on flying, airline marketing campaigns tend to be big budget and often super creative.

We’ve already covered the 15 brilliant marketing campaigns from tourism boards, but there’s also some amazing campaigns from the airline industry.

Which are the best campaigns ever? The campaigns that simply take your breath away and make you feel good? On the one hand flying does give us the excitement and escapism of travel, but on the other hand it can be tiresome, boring and stressful, so finding the right balance marketing-wise isn’t easy.

These campaigns however, have absolutely nailed it. Here are the very best airline marketing campaigns of all time…

1. Air New Zealand – Just another day in Middle-Earth

Getting passenger’s attention for safety flight videos is one of the hardest jobs for airlines to achieve.

Air New Zealand created a series of J.R.R. Tolkien themed videos, so that not only would passengers watch them, but the videos would get shared all over the world and help enhance their brand.

2. WestJet Christmas Miracle: Uniting Through Traditions

Christmas is the time of year when people get to see loved ones and come together. Westjet did just that by pretending they were filming a regular commercial, but then surprising loved ones as they reunite for the holidays. It’s a sweet and effective campaign.

The reactions and emotions helped give you a warm fuzzy feeling towards the brand.

3. British Airways – #Lookup

So many of us look up and see planes and wonder where they’re going and imagine ourselves escaping on one. This campaign combines our curiosity with a great use of technology.

British Airways created the most amazing digital billboards, with children pointing as real planes flew overhead, and live time info about the flight displaying on the screen. A superb use of technology and imagination.

One of the best airline marketing campaigns ever.

4. KLM – The Surprise

Back in the early days of social media, KLM came up with a way to surprise and delight their customers.

Using information from social media, they were able to give personal small gifts and lift their customers spirits as they were waiting for flights. A wonderful way to build brand loyalty.

5. Jet Blue – Reach Across the Aisle

The 2016 American election and political climate in general was a fraught time, but Jet Blue wanted to change it into something positive.

The campaign is all about getting people to reach across the aisle and come to a consensus on where to fly to for free. Politicians could learn a lot from this brilliant campaign.

6. Emirates – #HelloJetman

They don’t tend to do things on a small scale in Dubai and that was the case with Emirates’ Hello Jet Man campaign.

The two tiny jet man pilots were deployed from a helicopter and flew in formation with an A380 at 5000 feet around the Dubai skyline. As spectacular an airline marketing campaign as you are ever likely to see.

7. Air France – 747 Forever

In 2016, as Air France were taking their last 747 airplane out of commission, they decided to give the last flight a special send off.

Over 30,000 people applied to get on the flight as it toured over the Camargue region of France. It was joined by twelve classic fighter jets for an iconic video that will go down in history.

Big 7 Travel Team