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Miss Flying? These Airplane Experiences Don’t Even Leave the Ground

We never thought we’d miss the actual airport and plane experience of travelling… Airplane food, small seats… But it turns out that some people really do. So much in fact, that a recent surge of airplane experiences – on the ground – are proving popular across Asia.

Thai Airways has transformed its old cafeteria in Bangkok into a pop-up restaurant (complete with airline seats) serving inflight food. Since opening last week, the cafe has been mobbed by locals who are keen to experience the feeling of being on a flight again. The cafe is serving more than 2,000 meals a day as customers post with luggage and staff in steward uniforms.

These on-ground airplane experiences will have to do for now

Thai Airways is also offering flight simulations to the public. It’s reportedly the most realistic flight simulation in Thailand and is normally only used for training the pilots.

Some airlines are even offering flights to nowhere!

Taiwanese airline Eva Air has been operating Hello Kitty themed flights to nowhere since August, with passengers able to take to the air for a three-hour round trip.

Singapore Airlines is also planning to offer flights to ‘nowhere’, departing from Changi Airport later this year. In a recent survey by a Singapore-based travel firm, 75% of respondents said they would be willing to pay for a flight to nowhere. This would include the chance to sample in-flight meals as part of a wider staycation package including a hotel stay.

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