beaches with clear water

7 Beaches With The Clearest Water In The World

With 71% of the Earth’s surface being water, there is an infinite number of beaches to explore. While some are known for their volcanic rocks, towering palm trees or colourful corals, we went on a hunt to find the ones with the cleanest most transparent waters. From Japan‘s Zamami to Italy’s Cala Marilou, there are majestic waters all around the globe. If you are wondering where to find some of the world’s most pristine and cleanest coasts, start with this list of beaches with the clearest water.

Beaches With the Clearest Water in the World

1. Manini’owali Beach – Kalaoa, Hawaii

Ancient lava formations and powdery white sands surround the crystal clear waters in Kalaoa’s Manini’owali Beach. In addition to pristine clear waters, this beach is small and secluded, making for the ultimate r&r experience.

beaches with clear water

2. Zamami – Okinawa, Japan

Zamami in Okinawa is continuously making lists for Japans most beautiful islands. Miles and miles of peaceful transparent waters surround the lush green island of Zamami and make it one of the clearest in the world. In addition to an unspoilt shimmering coast, Zamami is also a top scuba destination.

beaches with clear water

3. Cala Marilou – Baunei, Italy

Postcard worthy Cala Marilou in Baunei, Italy boasts some of the world’s clearest waters. This Sardonic paradise is surrounded by crystal clear every shade of blue found in the Mediterranean Sea.

beaches with clear water

4. Baia dos Porcos – Fernando do Noronha, Brazil

What this beach lacks in ease of accessibility, it makes up for with ultimate privacy and ultra-clear waters. Baia dos Porcos in Fernando do Noronha is worth every step of the small trek it takes to get there. Once you see the rugged landscape surrounded by its dreamy transparent waters, you’ll see why.

beaches with clear water

5. Porthcurno – Cornwall, England

This English oasis in Cornwall is constantly wowing beachgoers with its stunning natural beauty and translucent coastline of tranquil waters. In addition to clean and pure waters, the nearby village makes it all the more appealing.

beaches with clear water
image: Cornwall Lover / Facebook

6. Navagio Bay – Zakynthos, Greece

This glassy clear Mediterranean mecca is known for its shipwreck and picturesque cliffs. The peaceful, clean waters and unspoilt coastline also make it one of the most photographed beaches in Greece.

beaches with clear water

7. Motu Tapu – Bora Bora

Lastly, we have a Bora Bora favourite. It’s no secret that French Polynesia is home to some of the world’s most pristine beaches. Motu Tapu in Bora Bora is no exception with its glistening turquoise waters gorgeous white-sand bays. In addition to this, the beach is home to a world-class sunset every single night.

beaches with clear water

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