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7 Unmissable Art Exhibitions To See In London In 2020

From the pioneer of Pop Art to Renaissance masterpieces, the best art exhibitions in London in 2020 will appeal to all art tastes. New exhibitions are opening throughout the year, but we’ve also thrown in a couple of permanent art exhibitions in the city that you simply have to see.

Get ready to explore this cultural city and take in some world-class artwork along the way…

Best Art Exhibitions To See In London In 2020How do these rankings work?

1. Picasso and Paper – Royal Academy of Arts

Kicking off the year, the Royal Academy of Arts will present an exhibition devoted to Picasso’s imaginative and original uses of paper ever to be held.

Bringing together over 300 works from Picasso’s entire 80-year career, this ground-breaking exhibition will explore the ways in which the artist worked both on and with paper.

2020 Dates: 25th January – 13th April

2. Andy Warhol – Tate Modern

In the spring, Tate Modern will open a bold new Andy Warhol exhibition, telling the story of a shy outsider who became a pop art superstar.

You will be able to see his iconic pop images of Marilyn Monroe, Coca-Cola and Campbell’s Soup Cans, play with his floating clouds and experience the psychedelic multimedia display of the Exploding Plastic Inevitable. Pop art fans will love this.

2020 Dates: 12th March – 6th September 2020

3. Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Graphic Art – House of MinaLima

Want to take a closer look at authentic movie props on loan from Warner Bros? Head to the House of MinaLima in London’s West End and surround yourself with props and artworks from the Harry Potter films.

See original wizardry items, graphics and objects by the designers behind the Harry Potter movie artworks. Highlights include the Hogwarts Express ticket, Harry’s Hogwarts acceptance letter and the Marauder’s Map.  It’s an essential thing to do in London for Harry Potter fans.

2020 Dates: Ongoing

4. Artemisia – National Gallery

This is a major exhibition of the work of the most famous female painter of the 17th century will open at the National Gallery. At a time when women artists were not the norm, Artemisia Gentileschi was unique for having a long and successful career of more than forty years.

The exhibition will show some of her best-known paintings and self portraits, as well as more recently discovered works.

2020 Dates: 4th April – 26th July 2020

5. Alice in Wonderland – V&A

In summer 2020, the V&A will open a major exhibition of one of the most iconic and stories of all time: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. This journey down the rabbit hole will explore the global idea of Alice. The exhibition will show works of art, literature, film, music performance and fashion.

It’s a must-see for Alice in Wonderland fans of all ages.

2020 Dates: 27th June 2020 – 10th January 2021

Image: Johan Persson

6. Troy: Myth and Reality – British Museum

From ancient sculptures and vase paintings to modern works, this explores the art that tells the story of the Trojan War. Decide for yourself what is myth and real as you learn more about the abduction of Helen of Troy, the Trojan Horse and the fall of the city.

It’s easily one of the top art exhibitions in London in 2020. So, try get to see it before it finishes in March.

2020 Dates: 21st November 2019 – 6th March 2020

7. London Design Biennale 2020 – Somerset House

This is a global gathering of the world’s most ambitious and imaginative designers, creators and design institutions. This year’s theme is ‘Resonance’, which over 50 countries and territories will respond to in their installations and presentations.

Expect vivid light installations, large scale pieces of work and the best of contemporary art and culture.

2020 Dates: 8th – 27th September 2020

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