Auerbach's best bars in Leipzig

7 Of The Best Bars In Leipzig

Leipzig is one of Eastern Germany’s gems. A vibrant musical and cultural history combined with incredible food and nightlife make it one of Germany’s most visited cities. Great nightlife means there are tons of bars to choose from, so we rounded up the best ones. Whether you are visiting this charming historical city or are a local, here are seven of the best bars in Leipzig.

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1. Auerbachs Keller

Right in the heart of Leipzig’s Old Town, you’ll find Auerbach’s Keller. This bustling bar slash restaurant has been a staple in Leipzig since 1525 and is one of the oldest in the city. In addition to a historical location, the drinks are great, the food options are tasty, and the atmosphere is cosy.

Auerbach's best bars in Leipzig

2. Cafe Puschkin

Situated in Südvorstadt’s hip and trendy Karli-Liebknecht-Straße, Cafe Puschkin can’t be missed. Here you’ll find a wide range of delicious cocktails like the ‘Kokorokoko’ made with vanilla, coconut and rum or the ‘Swimming Pool’ with curacao, coconut and lime. In addition to tropical and traditional cocktails, they also offer freshly prepared shisha. Take a seat on their terrace and enjoy a few cocktails.

Cafe Puschkin best bars in Leipzig

3. KilliWilly

Our next pick is another Karl-Liebknecht-Straße fave. KilliWilly is a one-way ticket to Dublin with its deep brown woodwork throughout, Irish music, Guinness memorabilia and classic feel-good atmosphere. We recommend stopping by for a few pints of Guinness and maybe some pub fare.

KilliWilly best bars in Leipzig

4. Flower Power

Flower Power is a hippie acid trip of colour, art, music and good vibes. If you’re looking for a unique and vibrant neighbourhood bar, this is your place. You’ll find small concerts here, wild parties, and tons of peace and love for all. Pop in for a few German beers and hang around a while.

flower power best bars in Leipzig

5. Distillery

Distillery holds the title for oldest house and techno club in the east part of Germany. This bumping music spot knows no bounds when it comes to genre, good drinks and a wild atmosphere. This underground dance staple is truly the stuff of legends. We recommend starting off with a few of their classic apple martinis and hitting the dance floor.

6. La Boum

La Boum is one of those places that you just don’t forget. Colourful abstract art, a hand-painted bar, genre-bending beats and best of all, an altar to Depeche Mode. Here you’ll find a good selection of beer, wine and spirits but cocktails are what they do best.

7. Brick’s der Cocktail

Brick’s der Cocktail is a craft cocktail gem. With over 200 different cocktails to choose from and a rotating weekly menu with house creations, you’ll never run out of options. In addition to a killer cocktail lineup, the atmosphere is unbeatable. Brick’s is a place you can pop in for a post-work drink and wind up staying all night. Don’t leave without trying their gin basil smash.

best bars in Leipzig

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