The Best Bars in the Dominican Republic

7 Of The Best Bars In Santo Domingo

The capital city of the Dominican Republic has often been hailed as one of the best places to party in the Caribbean. Santo Domingo, along with the island’s other famous city, Punta Cana, is teeming with fun, laidback bars where you can sip strong drinks and enjoy the sea breeze.

From the famous Zona Colonial all the way to rooftop bars and cigars, you’ll have quite a few bars to choose from when visiting Santo Domingo.

Head to one or, honestly, we recommend carving out some time to check them all out…the best bars in Santo Domingo are designed to welcome any kind of traveller.

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1. Lulú Tasting Bar

An enchanting brick courtyard carries you into an even more enchanting bar space at Lulú Tasting Bar. Home to some quality live jazz sessions, DJ sets, and even wine tasting events, this is one of the best bars in Santo Domingo for visitors after a little bit of everything. The focus here is on tasty tapas and intriguing tasting menus, meaning you can enjoy both fine food and drink, all in one setting.

Best Bars in Santo Domingo

2. The Arturo Fuente Cigar Club

Waltz on into The Arturo Fuente Cigar Club and you’ll be greeted with a rich, elegant atmosphere that feels truly luxurious. The spot itself even notes that there may be no cigar club in the world that’s more elegant and inviting. Plus, the chance to indulge in fine food and drink, combined with exclusive cigar brands, is something you simply can’t miss out on.

Cigar Club in Santo Domingo

3. Vertygo 101

Not scared of heights? Head up to the Marriott Hotel in Santo Domingo and mix and mingle with the jet-setting crowd that stays there. The gorgeous Vertygo 101 is a rooftop bar offering glass floors and an infinity pool to guests looking for something upscale and unique. Order a few cocktails and settle in for sunset; it’s pretty spectacular here.

Santo Domingo's Best Bars

4. The Cock’s Tail

Creative cocktails are what the bartenders at The Cock’s Tail are all about. Besides offering visitors a pretty interesting and creative name, you can count on enjoying some of the most well-balanced craft cocktails in the city. When it comes down to it, this place has got it all: trendy vibes, modern decor, and specialty drinks you can’t find anywhere else.

Santo Domingo Best Bars

5. Maruja Bar

Fancy a cheeky martini or two? Perhaps you’re after the sushi and whiskey deal? Regardless of what you’re looking to indulge in, chances are that Maruja Bar’s got it for you. Located in the heart of Piantini, this happenin’ hotspot employs knowledgable bartenders who understand everything about mixology. Definitely try the famous Maruja Marshmallow Martini while you’re there.

Where to Drink Cocktails in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

6. Veo Veo

Veo Veo is billed as an art bar, which is just as intriguing as it sounds. If you’re the kind of person that loves electronic music accompanied by strong drinks and eccentric pieces of art flung all over the walls, this is a place for you. Count on meeting lots of interesting locals. They’ll be eager to discuss life, art, and everything in-between as you carry on throughout the evening.

The Best Bars in the Dominican Republic

7. Sabina Bar

We’ve saved one of the bests for last. Any local will tell you that Sabina is easily one of the best bars in Santo Domingo. They flock to this hotspot nearly every night of the week. The goal? Enjoy the thumping music and craft drinks. Located in the centre of the city, Sabina Bar is a great spot to relax and mingle with locals. You can even indulge in some of the island’s finest rum-based drinks.

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