7 of the Best Gelato Shops in Verona

Fair Verona is rife with gelato, with a shop at every turn. It may not be able to compete with the likes of Turin and Rome for innovative ingredients and award-winning techniques, but it certainly can for flavour. The best gelato in Verona is sweet, creamy and light, made with locally sourced milk from the Veneto and seasonal fruit and nuts. For the best gelato avoid those brightly coloured whispy mounds. They may look appetising but it takes a lot of artificial thickeners and colouring to get them to stay in that shape. Your best bet is to head straight for gelateria with a smaller selection of ice creams and a long queue.  Or you could just take a look at our comprehensive guide to the seven best gelato shops in Verona below.

7 of the Best Ice Cream and Gelato Shops in Verona

1. Zeno Gelato e Cioccolato

You’ll spot the queue before the shop, but this gelato is worth the wait. It’s the only gelateria in Verona to have been awarded the prestigious ‘three cones’ from Gambero Rosso.

You could opt for a scoop of the classics like Sicilian pistachios,  but why would you when there are so many kooky combinations to try? White peach with elderflower, blueberry with blackcurrant and marjoram, Sarawak smoked pepper cream… But perhaps the most exciting addition to the menu is the wine ice cream, made with local Amarone wine.

Best of all, it’s excellent value too. At one euro per scoop, you can afford to go back for more – a few times.

Best gelato Verona

2. Vittoria 1938 Gelato

A historic destination in Verona, Vittoria 1938 Gelato has been serving for four generations since 1938. Conveniently, it’s within kissing distance of the Porto Borsari, built in the 1st Century AD and the official ‘entrance’ to the city. Perfectly positioned to pop to for a sugar rush after pummelling the cobbled pavements all morning.

The ice cream here is creamy, fresh and made with natural products, without additives or thickeners. Damiano, the current owner, decides on menus daily depending on what’s on offer at the local fruit market. Expect reworked classic flavours such as fresh strawberry, coffee and pistachio. For balmy summer evenings (or mornings), there’s the Sicilian-style granita, usually available in refreshing flavours like watermelon or Amalfi lemon.

Best gelato Verona

3. La Boutique del Gelato

For all-natural, preservative and artificial colouring-free gelato and sorbets, visit La Boutique del Gelato. Flavours change seasonally, made with whichever fruits, nuts and herbs are in season. That means you won’t find peach gelato in Autumn, but you might just find a delicious macadamia nut. Specialities include Bronte pistachio, chocolate and orange. There are some more unusual flavours available throughout the year too, like lychee fruit sorbet and Israeli date ice cream.

Located in Via Carlo Ederle, it’s a good stroll away from the historic centre but it’s well worth the extra steps on your pedometer.

Best gelato Verona

4. Gelataria Ponte Pietra

Named after the Ponte Pietra Bridge round the corner, this gelateria serves up some of the most sublime gelato in Verona. It’s all made fresh in the shop, from locally sourced fruits and alpine milk from the Alto-Adige. You can expect creamy classics, like chocolate and cream, as well as more unusual flavours like mille fiori, made with honey and pollen gathered from the surrounding hills.

Founded in 1999, it’s one of the city’s best-loved ice cream shots. Pick up a couple of scoops for under two euros and sit across the road on a bench with a riverside view.


5. Gelateria Savoia Verona

One for novelty-seekers and the ‘gram, it’s impossible to dispute how seriously good looking the ice cream is here. At Gelateria Savoia Verona you can enjoy your gelato stuffed into a sandwich too. It’s not dissimilar to the concept of the Sicilian ice cream brioche, but it’s made with waffles instead of sweet bread. If you’re serious about getting a cone, there are ways to jazz that up too. Fancy topping off your scoop with a full-size macaron? Or how about a pair of marzipan lips? We’re big fans of the deserts too; the tiramisu is one of the best in the city.

Husband-and-wife duo Vittorio Bonvicini and Luigia Savoia first opened the doors in 1939 to Gelateria Savoia Verona, and it has remained in family hands for over 90 years. Inside Savoia, Verona is every bit as good looking as its gelato, with a 19th-century Murano chandelier in the centre of the room. The second in the pair of chandeliers is in the Hermitage Museum, in St. Peterburg, Russia.

6. Grom

Found in the historic heart of the city, all-natural gelato from Grom has quickly become a cult classic in Verona. Championing a slow making process with a careful selection of high-quality ingredients, the gelato at Grom is 100% natural. It’s usually gluten-free too unless specified otherwise.

The flavours change frequently, though you can guarantee top-notch ingredients – chocolate from Ecuador, coffee from Guatemala, Himalayan pink salt. Each month you can enjoy a ‘Menu of the Month’ too. At the time of writing, it was the ‘Torta Sacher’, inspired by the Viennese Sacher Cake and made with apricot compote, chocolate gelato and topped with saoiardi biscuits. As well as gelato, there are sorbets on sticks, granita and icy shakes too.

Best gelato Turin
(Photo: Grom)

7. Gelataria La Romana

Just five minutes from the Piazza Bra, Verona’s largest piazza, is Gelataria La Romana. It was founded in 1947 in Rimini and there are now outposts all over the country, but this is one of our favourite spots. Expect big scoops and bold flavours, with kooky combos like the 150 Anni, which is green, white and red to represent the Italian flag. Other crowdpleasers include the crema and the biscotti della nonna.

You can also get your cone filled up with milk chocolate, which means every bite is just as delicious as the first. If you’re feeling particularly greedy, you can get warm white or milk chocolate dribbled over the top of it too – for no extra charge. If you’ve had your fill of gelato, there are sorbets and slushies on offer too, as well as pretty patisseries.

Best gelato Turin
(Photo: Galleria la Romana)
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