Homemade Chicken Wing Recipes

Homemade Chicken Wing Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind

Rather than ordering in, with have created a series of homemade chicken wing recipes for you. They are all super easy to make and are finger-licking good.

The beauty of these recipes is that they only have 7 ingredients and the wings are oven baked. This means that they are healthier than the deep fried version, but still maintain that wonderful flavour.

These recipes are ideal for entertaining a large group of friends and family. Watch their faces light up as you bring them to the table!

Homemade Chicken Wing Recipes

1. Baked Korean-Style Chicken Wings

Korean-style chicken wings are way easier to make than authentic Korean wings (which are double fried, and yes, delicious) so today we share a simple way to bake them in the comfort of your own home. This recipe is the perfect balance of sweetness with an array of aromatic flavours. You’ll be biting the meat off of every single bone…

2. Baked Alabama White Sauce Chicken Wings

Most people will do a double take when they see the traditional saucy, white Alabama chicken wings for the first time. If you’re not from the South USA, most people assume that all wings should be buffalo or spicy and red, so that white sauce throws people off. Although unusual they happen to be utterly delicious.

3. Fiery Oven-Baked Chicken Wings

These wings do have a serious kick to them though, so make sure you are able to handle that spice before you even think of cooking them… Time to call over some friends and challenge them to a spicy wing contest!

Homemade Chicken Wing Recipes

4. Dry-Rub Chicken Wings With Blue Cheese Sauce

This simple recipe for dry rub chicken wings is the ideal party dish to make for a group of friends coming over to watch the big game or a movie. The creamy blue cheese sauce will have everyone drooling, dunking the wings to get every last tasty bite.

Homemade Chicken Wing Recipes

You can’t go wrong with these homemade chicken wing recipes. Time to get into that kitchen!

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