vegan restaurants Cologne

The 7 Best Vegan Restaurants In Cologne

Veganism is one of the fastest growing lifestyle choices of the moment, yet there’s still an idea that vegan food can be bland and tasteless. Well, that’s just not true. Plant produce is an exciting and delicious way to eat and it’s healthy AF. These amazing vegan restaurants in Cologne prove just that.

From vegan sweet treats to juicy burgers, Cologne is one city that caters to all tastes. Vegans, veggies and everything in between can happily eat their heart out here…

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1. Sattgrün

This amazing vegan buffet-style restaurant serves up a huge range of bites to eat. There’s crunchy salads, hot soups, exotic vegetable curries, delicious pasta dishes, hearty vegetable stews and roasted vegetables. All the dishes here are totally vegan, cholesterol and lactose-free.

You can choose between three plate sizes, with prices ranging from €7.90 to €11.90.

2. Café Vevi

Head to the city’s Belgian Quarter for one of the best vegan restaurants in Cologne. Cafe Vevi is a hotspot for carrot cake, raw cakes, hearty quiches, smoothie bowls or homemade muesli bars. It’s a cosy vintage-style cafe where you can easily spend an afternoon chilling out, feasting on vegan treats.

3. Bunte Burger

Bunte Burger is a super spot that serves up only vegan and organic food, with unconventional burger creations. They taste delicious, with choices such a protein burger. It comes with homemade hemp pesto, freshly baked radish, tomatoes, homemade bean Patty, Portobello Bacon ‘n’ tofu egg, radish cress and other treats.

These really are burgers you can feel good about… Even their packaging is 100% biodegradable!

4. Peacock Green

Peacock Green is a pretty new vegan spot in Cologne, serving up a tasty weekday buffet from 11.30am. All the ingredients here are high-quality and regionally sourced, and homemade by owner Caro every day. The menu is constantly changing so there’s always a new delicious dish to try.

5. Well Being

Well Being is a laid-back Vietnamese vegan restaurant in the city centre that cooks up colourful dishes with organic, consciously-sourced, local and seasonal ingredients. Sounds perfect? It is. Dig into dishes such as veggie beef or organic tofu pho and vegan miso soup. It’s one of the best spots for vegans in Cologne.

vegan restaurants Cologne

6. Maki Maki Sushi Green

Fresh, original and delicious? That’s just three words to describe this 100% vegan sushi. With over 15 years experience in sushi making, the owner of Maki Maki decided to make the switch to vegan sushi. There’s also sorts of Japanese delights on the menu here. You’ll never crave fish sushi again!

vegan restaurants Cologne
Image: @missearthlings/Instagram

7. Chum Chay

All the dishes at this Vietnamese restaurant are vegetarian, and most are vegan. Expect a small but tasty selection of starters and mains. From vegan lemongrass and basil soup to an organic tofu banana salad, Chum Chay is the real deal. Whatever you eat here will be healthy, tasty, and original. What more could you possibly need?

vegan restaurants Cologne

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