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The 7 Best Wine Bars In Rome

While you’ll certainly find lots of quality wine bars tucked away in the Tuscan capital city of Florence, Rome is home to an array of intimate places to enjoy Italian wine as well.

Ranging from intimate wine tastings headed by knowledgable Italian sommeliers to the hidden enotecas that have made Italy so famous, the best wine bars in Rome come in all shapes and styles.

And, you’ll find that each wine bar in this timeless Italian city offers a wide range of some of the most delicious wines in the country. If you’re interested in sampling the finest wine that one of the world’s top wine-producing countries has to offer, try heading to one of the seven best wine bars in Rome.

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1. Il Goccetto

18th-century ceiling frescoes and a beautiful display of wine bottles from all over Italy set the stage for a truly impressive experience at Il Goccetto. The atmosphere here alone makes this place one of the best wine bars in Rome. The expert wine aficionados here scribble some thirty different wines onto a chalkboard here that you can sample by the glass. Or, browse the walls and surprise yourself by tasting any one of their available bottles.

Best Wine Bars in Rome

2. Rimessa Roscioli

If you’re new to wine, or simply want a thorough introduction to Italian wine by an expert who knows their stuff, then Rimessa Roscioli is without a doubt the best place for you. Here, you can indulge in one of their nightly wine tasting events. They pair gourmet snacks with the most carefully-selected wines all while taking you on a journey through Italy’s rich oenological history. This is by far one of the best cultural experiences to book if you’re in Rome and have time.

Best Wine Tasting in Rome

3. Ai Tre Scalini

Ai Tre Scalini exudes old-world charm, which makes sense seeing as this enchanting wine bar has been pouring glasses to thirsty visitors for over a century. There’s no denying that this is one of the best wine bars in Rome, particularly if you’re the kind of person who craves authenticity.  The wine here is carefully selected to ensure they only offer the finest labels, all of which pair perfectly with their tasty appetizers or delectable entrees.

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After sampling rustic Roman charm, head over to LITRO, one of the newer wine bars to open in Rome. This contemporary bar looks sleek, shiny, and new compared to some of the more classic wine bars in Rome. And, that elegance carries over into each and every one of the bottles they offer. Their focus here is on smaller producers and specialty biodynamic wines, but the variety is ample nonetheless.

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5. Il Sori

You can’t travel to Rome and not indulge in a glass or two of the country’s famous Prosecco. This bubbly sparkling wine is Italy’s answer to France’s famous champagne. And, there’s no better place to sample a glass than at Il Sori. Creativity here reigns supreme, from their artfully crafted wine list to their delightful food dishes. They only use artisanal ingredients, which seems to fit within the theme of this wine bar in general.

Best Enoteca in Rome

6. Enoteca Ferrara

You could spend an entire day or two exploring everything that Enoteca Ferrara offers. Aside from being one of the best wine bars in Rome, this place also acts as a restaurant, osteria, and brewery. Here, the chief sommelier guides guests through a journey that includes over 1,600 different labels, mostly Italian. The experience here is unforgettable and enlightening. Enoteca Ferrara could easily be called one of Italy’s largest wine meccas.

Wine Tasting Rome Enoteca Ferrara

7. Enoteca del Frate

Explore the delicious flavours of Italy drop by drop at Enoteca del Frate. While not as extensive as other wine bars on this list, the wine menu here focuses on luxury. Visitors have a chance to dive into the sumptuous side of Italy’s wine culture. Elegance oozes from the walls of this intimate bar and into each sip of every single one of their fantastic wines.

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