the busiest airports in Asia

The 7 Busiest Airports In Asia

Do you have an obsession with flying? Or maybe you dread the moment you set foot into an airport? A business traveler who sees every airport in the world? You probably already know which are the main airport hubs. But which are the busiest airports in Asia?

Whether you love to fly or dread it, one thing for sure is that some airports are better than others and we all have our favourites. Some airports you’d happily spend a long layover in, whereas others you try to spend as little time as possible!

We’ve broken it down by passenger numbers (if you want to see more detail you can check out the top 10 busiest airports in the world here.) While some airports listed come as no surprise, there are a few little surprises…

The Busiest Airports In AsiaHow do these rankings work?

1. Beijing Capital International Airport – China

Total passengers: 100,983,290

2. Dubai International Airport – United Arab Emirates

Total passengers: 89,189,387

3. Tokyo Haneda Airport – Japan

Total passengers: 87,131,973

4. Hong Kong International Airport – Hong Kong

Total passengers: 74,517,402

the busiest airports in Asia

5. Shanghai International Airport – China

Total passengers: 74,006,331

6. New Delhi Gandhi International Airport – India

Total passengers: 69,866,994

7. Guangzhou International Airport – China

Total passengers: 69,730,000

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