Best Caribbean Bars in London

The 7 Best Caribbean Bars In London

From the chance to sip on Rum Runners all evening long to the deep, thumping sounds of the music that blares from these bars, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy a fine evening out when you visit the best Caribbean bars in London.

Island life is never too far away, even when you’re smack dab in the centre of some of London’s busiest neighbourhoods. All you have to do is duck into one of these bars, order a Bahama Mama and relax into your surroundings. The decor should make it easy to do so, and if you need more inspiration, just let the sounds of the music carry you away.

Ready for a good time? Check out our picks for seven of the best Caribbean bars in London. Visit one or all of them. Just prepare for a fantastic time that’s loaded with tasty rum-based drinks and great vibes.

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1. The Beachcomber

As the name suggests, an evening here feels as if you’re relaxing along the shores of Jamaica or the Bahamas. The tiki theme is carried throughout with delicate island touches in every single corner of this bar and kitchen. The bamboo-clad bar serves up a great happy hour menu, complete with Damoiseau rum-based drinks like a Fruity Frenchman and Pow Pojito. Order a few and enjoy the tiki bar vibes.

2. Troy Bar

More than a mere tiki bar, you’ll find that Troy Bar specialises in serving up true island vibes. They host weekly open-mic nights and jazz-funk jam sessions that all pair well with the authentic Caribbean cuisine served from the kitchen. Head here hungry and ready to party. You can sample some Jerk Chicken, Curry Goat and fantastic grilled fish before jiving to the sounds of live funky jazz. It’s an experience you won’t forget.

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3. Burlock

Rum-based cocktails and live reggae are the specialties at Burlock. In fact, this trendy bar is home to a vast selection of 200 different types of rum from all over the world. The goal is, as the bar notes, to take you on a “journey to the bygone era of 1920’s Cuba.” Enjoy browsing the vintage prints in a sipping salon that’s truly reminiscent of Hemingway-era Cuba. The drinks are quality and the atmosphere is even better.

4. Buster Mantis

Feeling hungry? Island-inspired bar bites ensure that you’ll have something to graze on as you sip cocktails all evening long at Buster Mantis. This bar and kitchen is home to some of London’s most compelling jazz nights, showcasing local talent all while guests enjoy modern Jamaican food. From jerk and curry chicken to the wonderfully-crafted drinks they serve at the bar, it tastes about as close to island life as you’ll get in London.

5. Rum and Sugar

Rum and Sugar is equal parts restaurant and bar. Here, the focus is all about the glory of rum. Choose from an impressive selection of 100 rums to pair with your authentic Caribbean food. Serving everything from roti and chicken to seafood that tastes fresh out of the ocean, you’ll be delighted by all the tasty options available. And, that’s not even mentioning just how refreshing each and every one of their rum cocktails are.

6. Island Social Club

This is another hotspot serving up Caribbean food and drinks day and night. Island Social Club showcases a roti-based menu and rum bar that’s designed to impress. Stop by hungry as you’re going to want to sample their famous goat curry before diving into a round of Rum Punch drinks. They’re strong and they’re tasty, so prepare to order more than just one round.

Best Caribbean Bars in London

7. Windrush Bar & Kitchen

Windrush is a Caribbean restaurant by day and a thriving, exciting Caribbean bar by night. The food they serve showcases the best in traditional Caribbean food with a modern twist. And, the drinks are just as authentic. Whether you order a rum-based drink or a more modern cocktail, they’ll whip it up to your liking and serve it strong. There’s no way you won’t enjoy an evening out here.


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