7 Cheapest Vacation Destinations in Mexico

Mexico is on bucket lists around the world for its ancient archaeological finds, rich culture and mindblowing food scene. The best part? A trip to Mexico doesn’t have to break the bank. While kitschy tourist traps like Cabo and Cancun can certainly set you back a few bucks, there are plenty of budget-friendly places that are 100% worth experiencing. Here are the best and cheapest vacation destinations in Mexico

Cheapest Vacation Destinations in Mexico

1. Oaxaca City

Frugal history buffs love flocking to Oaxaca City for its rich indigenous history, vibrant south Mexican culture and colourful colonial architecture. It’s considered one of the most culturally rich places in Mexico and is famous for its mole**, foodies will love it here too. Visitors can expect to spend about $17/night on a hotel for a couple and roughly $10 for a meal. Another big perk is that the local artisan goods here are affordable so you can bring a meaningful souvenir home to remember your trip.

For more information on costs associated with travel to Oaxaca City, head here. 

2. Mexico City

It may come as a surprise, but for being the nation’s capital, Mexico City is one of the most affordable tourist destinations in Mexico. This bustling capital city is loaded with an insane food and drink scene, magnificent archaeological finds and a melting pot of local culture. Tour Frida Khalo’s house, wander Bellas Artes, chow down on some street fare or marvel at Chapultepec Castle. Best part? It’s not heavy on the wallet. Visitors can expect to be set back around $35/night for a hotel and $10 for midrange meals.

For more information on costs associated with travel to Mexico City, head here. 

3. Guanajuato

Famous for its colourful colonial architecture, bright houses and charming cathedrals; Guanajuato is a must-visit whether you’re watching your budget or not. For over two centuries, this cosy Mexican town was one of the world’s richest cities producing more than %20 of the worlds silver. Guanajuato also played a key role in Mexico’s Independence; and its old-world charm is visible in every corner of the city. If you’re planning to stay in this romantic and historically rich city, you can expect to pay around $30/night for a hotel stay and approximately $15 for a good meal.

For more information on costs associated with travel to Guanajuato, head here.

4. Xilitla

Set deep in the rainforests of Huasteca Potosina and dotted with archaeological curiosities is one of Mexico’s best and most affordable destinations – Xilitla. Whether you go for the jaw-dropping scenery or the famous Museo Leonora Carrington, you’re set for an adventure. Even better you can have the best of both worlds by strolling the Jardin Surrealista, an old garden full of mindbending surrealist sculptures. A meal for two people with only set you back $25/night and a hotel no more than $50/night.

For more information on costs associated with travel to Xilitla, head here.

image: Agustín Hernández Albin/Facebook

5. Cholula

This incredible Central Mexico town is peppered with hundreds of churches and famous for its Great Pyramid. Believe it or not, the Great Pyramid of Cholula (Tlachihualtepetl), which dates to the 3rd century BC is the largest pyramid ever built. Yep, the largest pyramid is in the heart of Puebla, not Egypt. The best part is you can explore Cholula in addition to the surrounding area for not much cash at all. Additionally, it’s an easy bus ride from Mexico City. For less than $40 a night, you can snag a great hotel, and for just $20 you can eat like kings.

For more information on costs associated with travel to Cholula, head here.

6. Playa del Carmen

Despite being one of the nations most renowned beach areas, Playa del Carmen is very affordable. Stroll the charming promenade loaded with shops, explore the Xcaret Eco Park or wander at the Parque Los Fundadores’ sculptures and local performances. Or of course, you can do nothing at all and lounge the day away on the white sands of the Yucatan Peninsula. Either way, you won’t break the bank. With the right budget, couples can pay $50/night for a hotel stay and less than $20 for a nice dinner.

For more information on costs associated with travel to Playa del Carmen, head here.

7. Bacalar

Those looking to explore Mexico’s hidden beaches should head to Bacalar. Down south near the Belizean border is a Yucatan paradise full of calm waters, warm locals and rich history. The towering fortress, tranquil cenote and delicious local food make it easy to see why it’s nicknamed Pueblo Mágico or “Magic Town.” Moreover, couples will pay around $40/night for a hotel and $10 for a tasty local meal.

For more information on costs associated with travel to Bacalar, head here.

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