Cheese Wrapped Chicken Wings

Daily Drool #22: Cheese-Wrapped Chicken Wings

You’ll struggle to meet anybody who isn’t a fan of chicken wings or cheese (apart from vegans, we guess), and today the two are combined in an incredible Daily Drool. These Korean-style chicken wings have been sending people into a frenzy on Instagram.

Just take a moment to enjoy the sheer perfection of the cheesy wrapped chicken wings in all their glory. A thing of pure beauty…


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The wings are served in a place called Chicken University in Fullerton, California, and while this is their signature dish, they have lots of other great Korean chicken on the menu.

Looking at these wings though, you’d have to wonder how you could possibly consider ordering anything else…

Cheesy Wrapped Chicken Wings

This style of chicken wing has been gaining popularity in Asia in recent years, so it is great to see it spreading around the world. The more places that serve these the better, we say! Chicken + cheese = perfection.

You can see how they wrap the wings below: check out the technique of the gooey cheese in action at the table by the waiting staff. They then skilfully stretch the cheese and loop it around each individual wing, as you sit there drooling in anticipation.

Half of the fun of this dish is the theatre of it, and having the food cheese-ified in front of you. The other half is eating it. Can you imagine that spicy chicken coated in that rich and luxurious cheese? An absolute delight!


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We’re off to book a flight to California to try these bad boys out…

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