Christmas Airline Marketing Videos

The 7 Best Christmas Airline Marketing Videos

Christmas airline marketing videos are always some of the best travel campaigns, because of their emotional nature. The holiday season is a time where most people travel to connect family with friends, so there is some great material for the airlines to work with.

We wanted to pick out the very best campaigns in recent years; we can assure you that there are some serious tear jerking moments in there.

These are seven of the best Christmas airline marketing videos you will ever see…

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1. West Jet – Christmas Miracle: Real-time Giving

Santa appears on a large screen looking purple and totally on brand. Passengers told him what they would love for Christmas and in real time the presents were quickly bought and handed out. A great, feel good campaign from the the airline.

2. Air Canada: Gift of Home for the Holidays

Air Canada crew members arrive at a Canadian pub in London to hand out tickets to those who wouldn’t otherwise have been able to make it home for Christmas. Simple but brilliant marketing.

3. Finnair & Santa’s secret

A brilliant advert that is shot like a mini movie where a young boy escapes his parents and ends meeting Santa Claus himself. Finnair have outdone themselves with this one.

4. Aer Lingus – From Our Seat To Yours

A simple concept where the Irish airline brings people back from around the world who haven’t seen their families in years. The advert pulls at the heart strings by showing families being reunited.

5. Air New Zealand – Naughty List

Santa Claus sends an email to a little boy on the naught list by mistake. The boy decides to hold a summit for all the naught kids in the world with the help if Air New Zealand.

6. KLM – Bonding Christmas Buffet

Christmas is all about bringing people together and this campaign did that with a unique installation. Once enough people sat on the seats the table with a Christmas feast was lowered into position. A wonderful way to bring passengers together and reward them.

7. Coming Home for Christmas – Heathrow Airport

Not an airline but rather a whole airport, where we see two loveable bears arriving back home for Christmas. You can’t help but feel emotional watching the advert while at the same time it shows off the airport in a warm and professional manner.

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