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Cocktail Deliveries Are Genius – And Not Just For Lockdown

We wouldn’t even have thought about the concept of cocktail deliveries three months ago, but the world has changed during lockdown. A whole new range of businesses and services have emerged to satisfy the cravings for things we couldn’t have. Case in point: specialty cocktails delivered straight to your door.

London company Liberation Cocktails are the perfect example of a company filling a gap in the market. They’ve just launched their own cocktail van, which comes to your house and serves up fresh cocktails on tap. Options include Aperol Spritz, Espresso Martini and Mojitos, all served by professional bar staff and in proper glasses.

This idea is so good that we see it as a long term viable business, long after social distancing is a thing of the past and all our favourite bars are open again.

Cocktail Deliveries

Solving A Real Problem

If – like us – you have tried to make cocktails at home, then you know it can be a serious pain in the ass. Shopping for endless ingredients, getting the ice, finding the right glasses and looking for recipes that aren’t too tricky. There is a reason why we all mainly stick to beer and wine at BBQs, house parties and small events… You just open the bottle and pour.

Cocktails though, are delicious, so why should we only enjoy them in a bar setting? Imagine sitting out in the sunshine with friends eating around the grill and suddenly being able to call up the cocktail van? Social gatherings at home would be instantly better.

This isn’t just a loc down idea to make a quick buck and keep cash flow ticking over. This is a real business that we can see being replicated all over the world.

Cocktail Deliveries

A Smart Business Model

For people putting these vans on the road, the beauty of the business model is that they don’t have the overheads involved in opening a bar.

Add in the fact that people pay online in advance eliminating the need for cash, and this is a winner for everybody.

Cocktail Deliveries In Other Cities?

While this particular cocktail van service has popped up in London, there have been similar efforts all over the world. Imaginative bartenders, restaurants and entrepreneurs are thinking of creative ideas because their hands have been tied during the lock down. Many bars and restaurants have added cocktails to their online ordering menu.

This idea is something that could easily be replicated all over the world. There is no reason why there couldn’t be a good on-demand delivery service in every city in the world.

You might not use it every week but for a BBQ, dinner party or special occasion wouldn’t it be nice to call up a cocktail van?

Cocktail Deliveries

How Does It Work?

While the business idea could be copied in other cities, here is how the guys in Liberation Cocktails have decided to run their operation…

  • Minimum purchase of 12 cocktails buys you a 30-minute session with the Cocktail Cruiser.
  • Each additional two cocktails bought upfront buys you an extra 10 minutes of service time.
  • All cocktails £7.50 each.
  • On confirmation of your time slot they will email you a link to pre-pay for your cocktails.
  • Comes manned with bar tender, glassware and all other cocktail essentials.
  • Cruising times are from 12 noon to 9pm Wednesday to Sunday.
  • Choose from: Aperol Spritz, Espresso Martini, Passionfruit Spritz, Mojito and Strawberry Daquiri.
  • Driver will wear a mask and gloves at all times and will ensure all equipment is sanitised. Please respect the 2m rule.


Big 7 Travel Team