Coolest Hostels in the World

7 Of The Coolest Hostels In The World

Whether you’re looking to send some serious FOMO your friends’ way or you’re interested in staying in a super Instagrammable place, the coolest hostels in the world deliver on pretty much every front.

From spaceship-like rooms to the chance to sleep in an abandoned plane wreck, staying in one of these hostels offers a unique experience on top of numerous chances to snap the perfect photo for the ‘gram. Not only that, but these are all places that are highly-rated by other travellers as having quality amenities and friendly staff.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to booking and plan your stay at one of the seven coolest hostels in the world. You know you’re just aching to upload the photos and make your friends jealous.

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1. Hotel Costa Verde – Quepos, Costa Rica

Want the chance to stay in a luxury hotel in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle? Head to Hotel Costa Verde for an elegant stay just outside of Quepos. But, for the truly enriching experience, you’ll want to request to stay in the Boeing 727 fuselage suite.

It’s got two bedrooms and pokes out from the jungle canopy. The views alone will make you feel as if you’re flying, but the ingenuity of it all is pretty exhilarating as well. Prepare to take lots of photos here. It’s irresistibly Instagrammable.

Airplane Hostel Costa Rica

2. MET A Space Pod – Singapore

For those of us who can’t afford to spend a night in space (AKA, all of us), MET A Space Pod in Singapore offers a truly unique experience that’s just as close as the real thing. Prepare for takeoff as you spend an evening in one of the coolest hostels in the world.

This space capsule hostel carries the theme throughout, from the futuristic sleeping pods and the spaceship-like controls to the thoughtfully-curated spaceship-like interiors.

Coolest Hostels in the World

3. Railway Square YHA – Sydney, Australia

Backpacking through Australia is a rite of passage for any young traveller. And, if you’re looking to experience one of the coolest hostels in Sydney, head to Railway Square.

You’ll get the chance to spend the night at in a creative and unique railway carriage at Platform Zero of Central Station. The on-site amenities are just as cool, and this is also one of the best hostels for solo travellers looking to mix and mingle with others.

Most Unique Hostels in the World

4. Casa Elemento – Minca, Colombia

Head to Santa Marta. Then, make the 45-minute journey up to Minca in order to stay at one of the coolest hostels in South America, Casa Elemento. This backpacker’s paradise provides travellers with stunning mountain views and the chance to enjoy the largest hammock in the entire world.

Opt to stay inside or, if it’s warm enough, rent a hammock and bask in the star-soaked sky at night. You’ll enjoy amazing vibes and quality company regardless of what you choose.

Coolest Hostels in South America

5. Jumbo Stay – Stockholm, Sweden

Sleeping in aeroplanes seems to be the next hottest trend in hostels. Just look at the popularity of Jumbo Stay in Stockholm. And, you don’t even have to leave the airport to enjoy this hostel.

You can stay in a jumbo jet right at the local Arlanda Airport in Stockholm where you’ll enjoy a unique cafe and bar as well as the luxury cockpit suite that’s been converted into a room. We suggest the cockpit suite, as you’ll get panoramic views of the airport at night.

6. Traveller’s Cave Pension – Cappadoccia, Turkey

Really anywhere you stay in Cappadocia is going to provide you with breathtaking views of the hot air balloon-filled sky. But, if you want to combine that experience with the chance to stay at a unique Turkish cave, then head to Traveller’s Cave Pension.

The hostel itself oozes charm and is brimming with stories just waiting to be told. The decor is luxurious yet it still feels as if you’re sleeping in a centuries-old cave. Add on spectacular views of the famous Cappadocia sunrise and this is by far one of the coolest hostels in the world.

7. Book and Bed – Tokyo, Japan

Beds at this trendy Tokyo hostel are nestled amongst the rows and rows of books that adorn the walls. Sleeping areas are tucked behind the bookshelves, almost as if trying to hide them away.

The entire hostel feels like a bookstore. And, that’s great for those looking to spend their time in Tokyo leisurely reading the latest and greatest novels. The reading areas and sofas are especially cosy, only adding on to the unique design of this hostel.

Bookstore Hostel in Tokyo

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