Photos: Coronavirus Finally Clears London’s Streets

There has been some debate about the response of the UK government during the coronavirus London outbreak, but the time has come: coronavirus empties London’s streets.

Although other countries have more severe lockdowns in place, Londoners are finally starting to desert the streets. The Underground Tube timetables have been cut, train schedules scaled back and shops closed. Although supermarket shelves have been emptying, people have still been venturing out to the pubs and bars.

Overnight though, the mood seems to have changed, as the government contemplate a more serious lock down. As the coronavirus empties London’s streets, here are some photos and videos from England’s capital…

Coronavirus Empties London’s Streets: Photos And Videos

Main streets across the capital and transport routes are eerily quiet…

Bars, pubs and restaurants are feeling the pain of social distancing, but it’s a necessary measure…

Roads are clear, with little foot traffic.

And while major transport hubs are near-empty, some Londoners are reporting of still-packed Tubes

City dwellers are calling on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to encore an official city shutdown. With over 9 million people, communication on lockdown measures is confusing at best.

There’s currently 1,221 coronavirus cases in London, and figures show that around 4 in 10 coronavirus-related deaths in the UK so far have been in the capital.

It remains to be seen what measures the weekend will bring, but the city is emptying out – fast – as people stay at home to self isolate. A coronavirus London clear out has begun.

Big 7 Travel Team